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The staff structure at camp is dynamic and fluid! It changes each year to reflect the changing needs of camp. While this list contains the core types of staff needed, we encourage all staff to apply even if they have an idea, a vision, or a job title not listed here. We love new ideas!

Most jobs at camp are residential and require staff to live on camp. However, there is the option to commute for some positions! 

get a lifetime of experience this summer

Working with children and peers at camp can change your resume! Develop and strengthen vital 21st-century skills like:

  • Communications & Listening
  • Empathy & Support
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Flexibility & Resilience
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership
Camp Counselors

Counselors are the heart of camp! Counselors are responsible for the day-to-day supervision of campers who attend Sci-Tech. As a counselor, your primary job is to live with and care for campers to ensure they have a successful and amazing summer. Counselors make the memories that keep campers coming back year after year, from birthday celebrations to nighttime rituals to inside jokes. They turn camp into a home!

Counselors work all over camp in positions that align with their strengths and professional goals, from improving their teaching skills, being on our inclusion team and supporting our campers with special/identified needs, leading camp in Jewish ritual and song as a song leader, assisting professional instructors in workshops, creating and running engaging staff programming, working on the communication or programming logistics team, creating and leading activities throughout the day at camp, and more!

Many of our counselors lead electives called chugim (pronounced hoo-geem) or assist in our workshops. As a chug (pronounced hoo-g) leader or workshop specialist, you’d get to spend your summer sharing your deep passions for STEM (or STEM-adjacent hobbies) with campers in unique and engaging ways! By creating their lessons and activities for an elective or by assisting in workshops, counselors can let their imaginations fly as they inspire campers to explore their interests. Teaching a chug is not required to be a counselor at Sci-Tech, but we encourage you to celebrate your hobbies and passions with our camp community!

Looking for ideas for an elective to teach? Check out some chugim from previous years down below!

  • Arduino and Electronics
  • Digital Film Production
  • Food Science/Food Chemistry
  • Animation
  • Medical Science
  • Programming (especially Java & Python!)
  • Video Game Design
  • Entrepreneurship/Business
  • Earth Science
  • Science Experiments
  • Fashion Tech/Wearable Technologies/Cosplay
  • 3D Printing
  • Audio Technology or DJing
  • Aviation (both drones and rocketry)
  • Flight Simulators
  • Biology
  • Board Games/Card Games
  • Chemistry
  • Cyber Defense/White Hat Hacking
  • Photography
  • Forensic Science
  • LARPing
  • Magic/Illusions
  • Dungeons & Dragons/Tabletop RPGs
  • Minecraft & Minecraft Modding
  • Physics
  • Legos
  • Gardening
  • Chess
  • Circus Arts
  • Comics/Illustration
  • Ukulele
  • Forecaster of Everything (aka Statistics)
  • Cartography/Map Making
  • Puppetry
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Creative Writing
  • Bugs
  • Origami
  • Structural Engineering
  • Web Design
  • Toy Making
  • Athletics
  • Popular Fandoms (Pokémon, Star Wars, Steven Universe, etc.!)
  • Have a passion for something you want to teach that would be a smash hit at camp that you don’t see listed? Let us know on your application and during your interview!
Unit Head


Our unit heads help our counselors grow while ensuring that the care campers receive is of the highest quality! Unit Heads supervise 15-30 counselors in a unit and work closely with the community care team to provide support and guidance for campers and staff. The Unit Head works hard to help build community at camp, both between campers and between staff and holds campers and staff accountable to the values and mission of our community. They play an active role in camp life with campers and staff. They can be found doing everything from helping with Nikayon (daily cleanup) to supporting a camper or a staff member through a challenging moment at camp to being an active participant and planner in evening programs and camp activities related to their camper or staff unit. Some Unit Heads may also hold other roles at camp, such as Machon/Teen Leadership Instructor for our upcoming Counselors-in-Training!



  • Robotics
  • Video Game Design
  • Digital Film Production
  • Digital Art Lab (Graphic Design)
  • Chemistry
  • Programming & Coding (Javascript)
  • Cryptology
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Teen Leadership and Social Justice (Sci-Techkun Olam)
  • Teen Leadership and Counselor Training (Machon)
  • Taste of Camp (STEM Sampler course)

Sci-Tech is looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals passionate about STEM and education! If you want to spend the summer working with inquisitive children in an exciting environment, this is the experience you’re looking for! Instructors will teach campers aged 9-17 with beginning to intermediate knowledge of the subject they’re learning at camp. Lead Instructors should have experience working in the field or at least a bachelor’s degree in Education or a field relevant to the workshop they’re teaching. Ideally, they have experience teaching or working with children or in adult education (informal or formal). Assistant Instructors should have either experience in the field, have completed their degree, or are in the process of completing their degree in Education or a field relevant to the workshop they’d be assisting in. Curriculum writing experience is preferred but not required, as we’ll provide mentorship from education professionals every step of the way!

Check out our Workshops to learn more about what you could teach in 2023!

Programming & Logistics


The Program Director supervises and coordinates every aspect of camp outside of workshops. This includes evening programs, Saturday activities (including Shabbat Shalectives), chugim (electives), and other special programs. The Program Director works closely with the Summer Business Manager and the programming and logistics staff. They help staff prepare before the summer starts and are responsible for leading a significant portion of the staff orientation related to successfully running high-quality camp programming.


The Summer Business Manager works closely with the Program Director and Director to make sure all aspects of camp are running smoothly, concentrating primarily on logistics, operations, and supplies. This includes ordering and obtaining supplies, keeping track of all receipts and purchases to ensure the camp doesn’t go over budget, installing equipment in dorms and workshop spaces, and setting up programs before campers and staff arrive. Some might say they are the glue that holds camp together!


Programming & Logistics staff (also known as PROLO) support the Program Director in running all camp programming and activities. This includes obtaining and delivering supplies, setting up and cleaning activities and programs, inventory database management, Audio-Visual Technology Support, and helping to write evening and special programming! Programming and Logistics staff may or may not live on the halls with campers, depending on the needs of camp.


The audio-visual (AV) specialist is the primary individual responsible for setting up and operating Audio and Video (AV) systems used by Sci-Tech at Governor’s Academy. This includes the use and maintenance of our own equipment, the use and care of equipment we rent from outside vendors, and Governor’s Academy, our host site. When not in charge of AV equipment, the AV specialist assists the Program and Logistics team in other important ways! The AV specialist may or may not live on the hall with campers, depending on the needs of camp.


Drivers at camp keep the proverbial wheels on the bus! From going out to purchase last-minute supplies to taking staff and campers to medical or travel appointments, the camp driver ensures that everyone gets where they need to go and gets what they need when they need it! They must also maintain camp vehicles, making sure they remain clean and safe and up to both Massachusetts and American Camp Association standards. Drivers must have an active driver’s license, a good driving record, and a good sense of judgment when it comes to health and safety, especially on the road. When not driving, the camp driver may help the Program and Logistics team in other important ways!

Jewish Life


The Director of Jewish Life oversees the entirety of Jewish Life at camp, especially the musical and ritual moments. Shabbat services, b’nai mitzvah tutoring, faculty coordination and instruction, daily rituals (like Boker Big Bang), and integration of Jewish education into workshops and chugim are just a few of the ways our Director of Jewish Life brings RUACH to Jewish Learning at Sci-Tech. The Director of Jewish Life supervises and mentors our song leaders, and therefore must have experience supporting musicians in a Jewish setting.


Might also be known as the “Heros of Hype”, song leaders at camp assist the Director of Jewish Life in leading all Jewish ritual activities and camp song sessions. Our song leaders organize song sessions and services and bring the joy of music, including teaching a music-based elective, to campers. Song leaders may or may not live on the halls with campers depending on the needs of camp.

Communications & Marketing

Our Communications Team is an essential group at camp, helping to communicate the incredible things happening at camp to the outside world. Communications positions include coordination/social media, videography, and photography. All communications team members may or may not live on the hall with campers depending on the needs of camp.


Our communications specialist is a creative, organized person who knows the ins and outs of social media and communications. The communications specialist manages photography, blogging, newsletters, video clips, and overall communications to help bring the magic of Sci-Tech to our community partners and our families back home!


Our photographer documents camp activities in digital photographs for current marketing, future marketing, and for our parents and community back home! Photographs are the primary way our families back home see the fun their campers are having at camp. The photographer’s job is to ensure that every camper and every moment at camp is documented and archived correctly so we can tell the story of camp both during the summer and for years after!


The Videographer, like the photographer, documents camp activities in digital film for current marketing, future marketing, and for our parents and community back home! They will have long-form projects and short highlight videos that they will need to film, edit, and produce every session for short-term use and long-term marketing based on the communication needs for the upcoming year. Video is the medium of the 21st century, as a 21st-century STEM camp, we want to tell our story in the most beautiful and engaging ways!

Inclusion & Community Care


The Inclusion Director is a talented, caring individual passionate about working with children (and passionate about helping others who work with children)! The Inclusion Director is a key partner to the Camp Director, working in tandem on issues that relate to the inclusion of campers with identified/special needs. The Inclusion Director should have experience working with children with identified/special needs as well as experience interacting with other adults or parents. A degree in Social Work, Special Education, Counseling, or another related field (or relevant experience) is required for the position. Professional experience working with children in a classroom or similar environment is strongly preferred.


The Community Care Director is a talented, organized, and caring individual passionate about ensuring the broader camp community, especially parents and families, are cared for. The Community Care Director should have experience working with adults or parents. The Community Care Director is a key partner to the Camp Directors, working in tandem on issues that relate to parent/family communications, camper travel, and the physical and emotional well-being of campers at camp, especially as it relates to parent/family needs. Knowledge of Microsoft office and google suite is required.


The MESH (Mental, Emotional, and Social Health) Director works closely with the Camp Director and our MESH consultants to support our staff and campers. This position should have experience working in mental health and have completed formal education in the Mental Health/Social Work field. This position is part of the Yedid Nefesh Grant.


An expert counselor position (also known as an Inclusion Counselor) that assists the community care team with camper care, especially in regard to our campers with identified/special needs. Campers thrive with support from caring counselors and staff, and Inclusion counselors receive extra training to specifically support campers with special needs, whether physical, behavioral, or emotional. Inclusion counselors will work under the supervision of the Inclusion and MESH Director while living alongside other counselors on the halls with campers.

Office Staff

The office staff keeps our camp running! As the first person most parents/guardians speak to when they contact camp, office staff are responsible for caring for all the families back home while their kids have fun at camp! They assist the Community Care Director or the Camp Health Director in promptly responding to all parent/guardian communications, organizing important logistical information (such as camper travel), and all other administrative duties needed to keep camp running smoothly all summer long! Experience with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite is required. Office staff may be experienced administrative professionals or counselors who also support campers on halls when not working in the main office. Office staff ideally should have an active driver’s license, as they may be asked to run errands, pick up supplies, or drive campers and staff to locations outside of camp throughout the summer.

Health Center


Our camp nurses are talented, enthusiastic individuals passionate about working with children and providing high-quality medical care in a camp setting. The ideal candidate is highly motivated, will work hard, and is committed to health and wellness in a fast-paced and immersive summer camp environment. 6 Points Sci-Tech is seeking RNs or LPNs for 2, 4, or 6-week positions! Nurses care for sick or injured campers, including dispensing medication and responding to emergencies while following all health standards and local operating procedures. They communicate daily with camper parents and provide a warm and supportive presence in the lives of families who entrust their campers to our care throughout the summer!

There are both commuting and residential nursing positions available.


Our nighttime/overnight EMTs work in the Health Center overnight to care for the campers and staff staying in the health center overnight. They also assist in other areas of health center operations, especially regarding the organization and maintenance of the health center.

There are both commuting and residential overnight EMT positions available.


The Camp Health Director oversees our camp’s health and well-being within and beyond the health center’s walls! From creating the nursing schedule to training our staff on the appropriate use of emergency medicine, such as EpiPens, to creating and implementing public health campaigns, the Camp Health Director is a vocal and visible presence in the camp community! They support our nurses and our overnight EMTs and ensure they have the support and supplies they need to do the most important thing on camp: keep everyone safe and healthy! They also ensure that all parents and families back home receive correct and prompt communication regarding the care and well-being of campers, both in terms of health maintenance and healthcare if provided at camp.


The Camp Health Specialist partners with the Camp Health Director to make health and well-being a community project! From helping the medical professionals ensure that all campers receive their correct medication at the correct time, to taking care of the logistical aspects of health care operations, to picking up prescriptions and running public health campaigns at camp, the camp health specialist should have an eye towards helping our community be health and wellness-minded.