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  • The first image beamed to Earth from the Mars Insight robot

    The Wonder of Mars Insight and Other Space Questions

    The words “Touchdown Confirmed!” caused an eruption of cheers, hugs and high fives today, and it wasn’t from the NFL, but rather the words of the announcer from the command center at the NASA/JPL Laboratories in Pasadena, California as the Insight probe landed on Mars. As I watched the landing unfold live on NASA TV, you could see the nervous excitement of each person in the command center over the course of the 7 minutes from the time the probe descended through the atmosphere to the time it landed on Martian soil. It was nothing less than mesmerizing!

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  • My Mother’s Secret Camp Nickname

    On my first trip back home after my first summer working at 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy I uncovered my mother’s secret identity: Cherub. Cherub was my mother’s camp name from a summer camp she worked at for 9 years.

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