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Your first-time camper may be eligible for a One Happy Camper grant of up to $1000!

One Happy Camper: Campers who have never attended an overnight Jewish summer camp for 12 or more consecutive nights may be eligible to receive up to $1000 off the cost of tuition from the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s One Happy Camper program. Campers attending one full two-week session may be eligible for the $700 grant, while campers attending more than one two-week session may be eligible for the $1000 grant. Please visit the One Happy Camper website and apply for the program to determine eligibility.

Sibling Discount: Each additional child from your family who registers for camp gets $100 off the cost of tuition.

Multi-Session Discount: Campers receive $100 off the cost of their total tuition for attending more than one session.

First Time Family (FTF) Voucher: Due to the generosity of our donors, families who will be attending 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy in person for the first time in 2024, for a full two-week session, will receive an additional $295 voucher to put towards their total tuition. Now, more than ever, our camp supporters want to make it easier for new families to discover the magic of camp connections and summer friendships. The voucher would be given once per family, not per camper. This voucher is for new families, so campers with siblings who have attended Sci-Tech are not eligible. There are a limited number of vouchers available, so register soon! Vouchers will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis as families enroll in the program. Campers who attended Taste of Camp in previous years are still eligible to receive the First Time Family Voucher!

Returning Girls Scholarship: Thanks to the generosity of Blair and Dr. Joseph Marks, we are thrilled to offer $500 per family for returning girls* and non-binary campers. These funds are available to families who need a little extra support, without needing to complete the full financial aid application. Upon completion of your registration for camp, you will be sent a link to apply for the funding.
If you have already enrolled, and are interested in these funds, please reach out.
*The URJ is an inclusive organization, and “girls” includes cis-gender, trans, genderqueer, and non-binary campers living on girls’ halls.

Increased scholarship funds from WRJ: With gratitude for the continued generosity from the Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ), Sci-Tech has increased need-based scholarship funds available for female-identifying and non-binary campers. Learn more about needs-based scholarships below.

Need-Based Scholarship

At 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, we recognize the lifelong benefits of Jewish camp for children and their families. We also know that quality camping experiences can seem expensive for some and try to the best of our abilities to help ease the expense. We strongly encourage families who need financial assistance to apply for financial aid, made possible from 6 Points Sci-Tech’s Lasdon Family Foundation Scholarship Fund. This fund is enhanced from our generous community of supporters. Please note the following about our financial aid:

  • We believe getting kids to camp is a partnership between the family, the family’s community (including their synagogue, if they have one), and camp.
  • Sci-Tech distributes need-based scholarships through the assistance of a scholarship committee, a group of dedicated volunteers and donors who want to help as many families afford camp as possible.
  • The scholarship review process is a blind review. The scholarship committee only hears about the relevant details of the application and does not know the name of the camper or the names of the families that apply for scholarship. Only the full-time camp staff know the names and identifying information of the applicants.
  • The deadline for the initial financial aid application (found in our CampInTouch account as soon as you apply for camp) is February 1, 2024, with supplementary financial documents due February 15, 2024.
  • The application and supplementary documents must be submitted via CampInTouch. Do not submit any financial information via email. Our camp office will not be able to accept emailed financial documents.
  • There are special reduced payment plans reserved only for families who are applying for a Needs-Based scholarship.
  • We expect families to approach any funding sources available in addition to applying for a camp scholarship. Many synagogues and local Jewish Federations have programs to assist families sending children to camp. This helps us reserve our limited funds for families that do not have these options at their disposal and those that are most in need. The sooner you seek financial assistance, the better your chances of finding it. By the spring, most financial aid funds have been used up for the year, so we recommend starting in the Fall as soon as possible!
  • If you are looking for financial aid after the due date, please reach out to the camp office at or call 857-246-8677. While most funds have already been awarded during the initial scholarship process, the scholarship committee reviews all late applications on a case-by-case basis based on funds available.

To apply for a need-based scholarship from Sci-Tech’s Lasdon Family Foundation Scholarship Fund, follow these steps:

  • Determine what you can pay based on the full cost of camp. All families are expected to contribute to the cost of camp.
  • Apply for the One Happy Camper grant if your child is eligible.
  • Apply to local sources for funding, such as synagogues, federations, and Jewish family services.
  • Ask family and friends. Grandparents can be an especially great resource, and many understand the importance of Jewish camp!
  • Register for camp!
  • Submit your 2024 Need-Based Scholarship Application by February 1st, 2024! The first part of the 2024 Needs-Based Scholarship application is available immediately upon applying for camp and is available through your CampInTouch account in the “Forms and Documents” section. In this application, you can switch from the regular payment plan to the Needs-Based Scholarship Payment Plan! We are not able to switch families over to the needs-based scholarship payment plan unless this application is submitted.
  • Submit your supplementary financial documents by February 15th, 2024! Supplementary financial documents (i.e., Tax Returns, W2s, etc.) are required. You can upload them starting in January 2024. Families who applied for financial aid will be alerted when it’s time to upload these supporting documents.
  • Make sure everything is complete and uploaded by February 15, 2024, for our scholarship committee to review. The scholarship committee cannot review incomplete applications or applications that are missing the required supplementary financial documents.
  • If your application is complete, you will receive notification of your award amount before March 15th.

If you have questions about applying for financial aid, please contact the main office at 857-246-8677 or email

Interested in donating to the Lasdon Family Foundation Scholarship Fund? Reach out to Development Director Shaina Sugar at to learn how you can make camp possible for another family!