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As a science and technology camp, we are keenly aware of the many positives, and some of the negatives, that come along with the electronics and technology equipment that is readily available to today’s campers and families. Our goal in crafting a Personal Technology Policy is to build a community that is capable of fulfilling our mission and exemplifying our values.

For about six hours each day, campers will be immersed in science and technology activities. These activities are taught by our well-trained counselors and instructors, using professionally-developed lesson plans. The equipment and supplies necessary for each activity are supplied by the camp; having this consistency allows our staff to instruct our campers effectively.

When not involved in a science and technology activity, we encourage campers to experience the world around them: to connect with their peers, to appreciate our physical surroundings, and to be an active part of the camp community. In order to provide this well-rounded experience…

Campers may not bring to camp any device capable of playing video, loading applications, making phone calls, or connecting to the Internet.

We understand that our campers love technology – and so do we! And they will spend the better portion of their day using technology to learn, explore, experiment…and sometimes just to have fun! The rest of the time, it is critical that we “unplug” in order to experience everything else that camp has to offer.

Campers are permitted to bring the following:

  • MP3 or other music players without video screen (such as an iPod Shuffle)
  • Ebook reader with e-Ink (such as Kindle Paperwhite)
  • Musical instruments and accessories (such as a guitar amplifier)
  • Sports equipment (such as a baseball glove or Frisbee)

The following are examples of items that are never allowed:

  • iPods (except the Shuffle), iPads (or other tablets), laptop computers
  • TVs, DVD players
  • Cell phones, walkie-talkies, two-way radios
  • Graphing calculators

We strongly encourage you not to send anything of significant value to camp. Sometimes at camp, things get lost or broken (just as they do at home), and we cannot take responsibility for such losses. We thank you for doing your part to ensure that our camp community remains a safe, productive and well-rounded place for your camper’s development!