URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy is the Jewish camp that curious minds have been waiting for! At 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, scientific inquiry meets fun. Campers entering grades 5-10 spend two weeks exploring robotics, video game design, science, digital media, and a host of other fun activities in a friendly setting with campers who share similar interests. Our oldest campers in grades 11 and 12 take their STEM learning to the next level through our teen leadership programs, where they learn how to make the world a more whole, just, and compassionate place through science and technology.

Located just outside of Boston’s science and technology corridor on the campus of the beautiful Governor’s Academy boarding school, 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy East offers all of the advantages of a top-quality educational facility along with access to the best and brightest minds in the Jewish science and technology community.

Throughout their experience, campers explore what Judaism means to them—and how this complements their interests in science and technology. Campers gain an understanding of their place in the long history of the Jewish people’s contributions to science and technology.

6 Points Sci-Tech Academy fosters young people’s curiosity in the context of Jewish values and community. Our six core values shape our community, the five shared camp values  - kavod (respect), kesher (connection), sakranut (curiosity), taglit (discovery), and savlanut (patience) - and the sixth unique value that each individual person brings to camp that is special to them.

Here, campers co-create every aspect of their experience and express their "sixth value" in a variety of ways, including:

  • Choosing a workshop that matches their interests

  • Developing projects that ignite their imagination

  • Creating the Shabbat experience in community with other campers and staff

  • Learning the skills of inquiry that science and technology requires

  • Discovering how Jewish values align with modern science and technology

  • Building a healthier relationship with the technology tools we love

Active Minds, Active Bodies!
Camp means being active, both mentally and physically. Our science and technology programs are designed specifically for the camp environment, with active, outdoor learning experiences. The educational portions of our program are complemented by an hour of recreation time each day called Kinesthetic Sciences. During this period, campers can play sports like gaga, soccer, basketball, and Frisbee on our amazing fields and in our top-notch athletic facilities. Other popular choices are our running tracks and exploring the many wooded acres on camp. The activities change daily, so campers will get to experiment with lots of different ways to be active throughout the summer!

Audacious Hospitality
URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy is proud of our open, supportive, and inclusive environment. The make-up of the Union for Reform Judaism and our programs is as diverse as our population, therefore our communities represent that vibrant and colorful fabric that makes up the Reform Jewish population. Our camps and programs are inclusive and designed for everyone in our community from LGBTQ to children with single, same-sex, or interfaith parents, to children of color, to children who have varied learning and social abilities.

We hope that our campers and staff strengthen their Jewish identity, and connection to the Jewish community through the supportive nature of our people, staff, and programs.

We are committed to building a vibrant community rooted in Jewish values and bringing the transformative power of Jewish summer camp to every child and family who come through our gates. From our policies to our programs and camp norms, our community reflects the URJ’s core values:

Kehillah Kedoshah – A Holy Community
We are a sacred community, responsible for one another.

V’ahavta L’reyecha – Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself
We should behave towards one another with love and kindness.

Hachnasat Orchim – Welcome the Stranger
Camp is a place of “audacious hospitality,” where all who enter are celebrated.

Kesher – Building Connections
We seek to build strong relationships with each member of the community regardless of background, gender, social or educational ability.

Tagliot – Making Discoveries
We will discover more about ourselves, our world, and those around us to make the world a better place.