Already two weeks have come and gone, and we made some unforgettable memories here at Sci-Tech during Session 1. We started off welcoming our community “back” – returning to a place that we can call home, whether or not it was our first time here. We welcomed everyone back to that feeling of belonging.

From there, the action and excitement continued as first session began. We started each morning with a Boker Big Bang, launching trash cans into the air, lighting bubbles on fire, smashing fruit frozen with liquid nitrogen, and learning lessons of community values from our Sci-Tech Torah. Each day our campers had the opportunity to participate in workshops and chugim (electives), where they created robots, planted vegetables, created films, and so much more.

As a part of our session wrap up, our community enjoyed Tech Talks, our end-of-session showcase of workshop projects and experiments. Campers proudly showed off custom-made Magic the Gathering cards, video games that they programmed themselves, and art that they had created digitally. It was such a wonderful experience to come together as a community to see all of the creative projects our campers worked on all session!

At URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, there is a wonderful air of creation and exploration. Campers have the opportunity to learn and grow, and show off the skills they have acquired and the knowledge they have gained. Here, we build each other up, and come eager to discover new things.

We hope you watch our Session 1 slideshow and video, and experience some of the excitement and learning that happens every day at Sci-Tech.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in making Session 1 of Summer 2024 so magical and special. To those who came, we hope you had a blast, and to those coming in the future, we cannot wait to see you!

Todah Rabah (thank you) for making this session so special.