The saying, “time flies when you’re having fun” couldn’t be truer than during this summer at Sci-Tech. While Sci-Tech is filled with new, innovative, and exciting activities, it is really the people who make camp the special place it has become over the past 9 years, and the past 2 weeks. Todah Rabah (thank you) for making this session so special.


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Rahm of Baer

Today is the last day of camp. It is really heartwarming for me to see so many people growing up here for many years who have finally become Machon and counselors. This is only my second year at camp, and it will be very sad to say by to my friends for a while until we all come back to Byfield. I’m really going to miss Devon’s fire speech, workshops, meeting new campers all over the place, and chugim. Because we leave tomorrow, it is an amazing opportunity to present our projects at TECHTalks which we’ve spent long hours working on. I’d like to give a big Todah Rabah to the founders of Sci-Tech. Todah Rabah, founders of Sci-Tech. These geniuses had the incredible idea of putting science and technology and Judaism together into such an inclusive environment. For me, this camp is somewhere unique because I only get to come here once per year, and every time I come, I cherish the memories and friends. I have had so many amazing experiences here at camp. I will never forget singing, Finn trying his hardest to become a Rabbi for Baer 2, or putting on a towel everyday and acting like Kim K. But almost all, I will never forget my best friends from camp. As camp comes to an end, I want all of you to think about your best memories here at Sci-Tech. There is nothing stopping you from coming back to Sci-Tech next year to continue to have memorable experiences. Todah Rabah, Sci-Tech!

Max of Franklin

Shabbat Shalom, URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy! This is my first year but second session here at Sci-Tech. This has been an amazing experience and summer so far, and I have met so many campers and staff who have touched my heart. From Devon’s famous campfire speech which we heard last night to workshops and my absolute favorite Arduino chugim, this has been the time of my life. Like many of you might have, I used to go to a traditional 18-kid in a bunk, no-AC, no computers, and most importantly, no science camp. And I loved it, until Sci-Tech. Here I found my new home, and I am excited to continue spending each summer with my new family. Just last week, I found that two of my camp besties live within an hour of me. This camp brings people together. During intersession, I was worried about my new roommate. I 

Daniel of Ramon

Shavua Tov, Sci-Tech. Now, first off, I want to thank Eshed, Poku, Willow, Sam, and Emma and Corey for being the best counselors I could ask for. I have made so many new friends and memories throughout the past two sessions. I have especially loved being part of JLife Jr and helping out with services and song session. The way I like to describe the peopleat this camp is simple: I believe that everyone at this camp has the power to change the world, however, how you change it is up to you. Everyone here is so kind and thoughtful and caring. It always chagnes the world for the better. Thank you Sci-Tech for this amazing summer, and I will see you next year.

Jax of Ramon

Shavua Tov, Sci-Tech! I’ve loved Sci-Tech since the first year I came here back when I was going into 5th grade. Honestly, I wanted to go since my sister started going. I’ve loved every year at this camp. I’ve made three films and many absolutely cursed images. The people I’ve met at this camp are some of the most accepting people I have ever met. I would like to thank my hall this year, Ramon 4, and the people in my halls from past years. You know who you are. Whether it is playing a game like Pig Warewolf or watching Hannah Montana, it has made my summer infinitely better.

Rhy of Elion

Four years ago in 2019, I remember looking at this place and being absolutely awed by what I saw. I got to see the amazing things created in DFP and Programming & Coding and Digital Art and more. I saw an incredible group of staff and campers all so passionate about everything they do at this camp. That same group of people, whether they are here today or four years ago has helped shape me into a person standing before all of you tonight. Early mornings from playing card games in Franklin 2, nights spent laughing with my roommates in Sagan 3, menucha spent watching the Marble Olympics in Katz, hanging grass on the ceiling in Ramon 4, and talking to the wonderful people in Elion 1 and 2 are all memories I’ve treasured and will continue the whole year with me and for the whole rest of my life. Sci-Tech, a wonderful, amazing, incredible group of people, has spent the last two or four or six weeks forging bonds and making memoreis that will last a lifetime. Even though we all will be leaving tomorrow, every single one of you will take these special memories with you wherever you go. Until next year, shavua tov Sci-Tech!

Leif of Elion

I am one of the last generation of trilogy campers that are still campers for one last time. After one more day, I will be done with my time as a camper. Truly though, there is no special 12th grade program for me to still do chugim and workshops in. I have been a part of this camp community for six long years. I’ve seen its highs and lows, the transfer of leadership from one to another, and I have seen what this community has grown into. Not just a camp but a home. This year, I got an extra last taste of camp through the 11th grade program, and it showed me how much I love it here – the food, the people, and its memories I’ve made. To all the campers I’ve befriended, to all the counselors I’ve looked up to, to every person who I’ve talked to here, I thank you. Every day at camp, I have written down everything that’s happened so that its memories stay alive. However, I do not have all the pages with me today because one, that will take way too long to go through, and two, they are just not with me. I’ve sent them all away, in letters. It’s not fair to have all the memories just for myself. And now with my memories spread, my time had, I am done with it. Whether I like it or not, my time has come to an end. Not all of you know me or have even seen me, but now we all share something: kesher, a connection through Sci-Tech. Sci-Tech is not just a place, not just a home, but a connection that ties each of us together. But, in order to let this connection, this community grow, this community that I’ve been a part of and love so much, I have to loosen my grip from this string. But, I’m not gone. You will be seeing me around. With that, I pass on the torch. I wish you all to enjoy every second we have left of this session. And to all my 11th grade friends in the back, we made it back to Byfield once, let’s give it one last hurrah. Goodnight, Sci-Tech.

Evan of Sagan

When I came here for my sixth and final summer, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew this summer would be different but I wasn’t sure how. It dawned on me as soon as the first day ended: I was once again welcomed into this caring community, and with Sagan, it was a blast. Summoning Kirby, planning weddings, inside jokes, and the Rube Goldberg machine. Getting to be part of this community for the last time as a traditional camper was amazing. I will always be able to cherish the memories that I have made here. It’s been a great six years. Thank you, Sci-Tech

Joey of Sagan

This has been an eventful six weeks. From the Kirby summoning in first session to 80 pairs of shoes in the common room this session, this will definitely be a summer to remember. Personally, I came here for the first time four summers ago in 2019. Back then, we had trip day, Maccabiah, and Africa by Toto was played constantly. It sure was different, but the thing that stayed the same then was the people and the friends we made.

Hayden of Sagan

I came here six summers ago in 2017. It was my first time at a sleepaway camp, but I was instantly welcomed in with open arms. The friends and memories I have made at this camp will last me a lifetime. Although it has been a crazy couple of years, I still have this community by my side. Now, what does this all mean? Why are we telling you all this stuff that happened years ago? Well, as a certain director once said, Sci-Tech is not a place but a feeling. And for us, that feeling is friends and memories we made. Good luck dealing with us when we are Machon!

Eliana of Sagan

This is my sixth year, and I’m not going to say final because I know the 11th grade programming will be nice. It’s been an interesting six years. From all the inside jokes that I want to remember, it’s just been incredible. I honestly can’t believe it’s been six years. It passes by so quickly. This camp means a lot to me, from shaping my eating schedule to who I want to be as a person. This camp has made me feel even more accepted with being LGBTQ+. It’s been an interesting six years, and Sci-Tech means a lot to me.

Hannah of the Machonikim
When I came here six weeks ago, I was scared, probably like many of you were when entering camp. It was my first time at camp in over three years, and I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into the Machon program. Now, less than 24 hours before I will have to leave, I can’t imagine forgetting this summer. Not only have I gained so much confidence in my ability to lead as a counselor, but I have reconnected with old friends and made new ones as well. The Machon became such a tight knit group, and each and every one of you are some of my closest friends in the world. We really became a family. And same for the rest of the Sci-Tech community. Sci-Tech is a second home to many and to me as well, whether it be with the Machon or my hall, Ramon 3, or anyone else I’ve met this summer. You all mean the world to me and I’ll never forget y’all. Thank you so much to the Machon, to Bethany, and everyone in-between. You are what make Sci-Tech Sci-Tech for me.


The Sci-Tech Times

At each meal in the Chadar Ochel (dining hall), the Sci-Tech Times is presented as a slideshow with the weather, interesting STEM content, drashes, Hebrew words, pioneer scientists, and photos from the day. During the Journalism chug, campers collaborated to make a printed edition to distribute to all of camp.