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Session 2 Recap

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As another session comes to an end, we are so thankful we were able to welcome so many campers back to Byfield! 

Opening Day was exploding with excitement as we welcomed in new and returning campers and experimented with lunch bags using baking soda and vinegar. Campers got to know people on their halls and Workshops and signed up for their first set of chugim. We had so many interesting chugim offered this session from prototyping Rabbi Dan Medwin’s new app to sparking a passion for electricity.

At the end of the first week, we celebrated our first Shabbat of Session 2 together where we took a pause from Workshops and Chugim and had Shalectives.  For a Shalective, we counted all the bricks on the Chadar Patio and discovered that there are over 10,000 bricks on the patio! Later that day, we celebrated our International Festival. We are so thankful to all the Mishlachat for providing us such a fun experience to learn about Israel and Ukraine.

Throughout the session, campers discovered so much in their Workshops from how to encode and decode Enigmas and other ancient codes in Cryptology, how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream in Science of Food.

 To watch the films campers created in Digital Film Production, click here.

To watch the video game teasers created by Video Game Design, click here.

Throughout this session, we created so many kesherim (connections). Some of our campers had been here for two weeks already, some had just arrived, some were new, and some had been here since the first summer yet Sci-Tech has a way of making everyone feel at home. Sci-Tech’s magnetic energy from the Sun Song to ending the week together at Shabbat helps everyone feel the magic of Sci-Tech that makes this so much more than a Jewish STEM Camp.

Thank you to our campers for creating a wonderful Session 2 and we cannot wait for Session 3. 

To see a recap of Session 2, watch the attached above

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