Blog  Pi Day 2020: Help Sci-Tech become someone’s SECRET INGREDIENT!

Pi Day 2020: Help Sci-Tech become someone’s SECRET INGREDIENT!

What is Pi Day???

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (Pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14 (3/14 in the month/day /date format) since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π. It’s also Sci-Tech’s annual scholarship campaign! It’s like Giving Tuesday, but with dessert! And math!

How can you help celebrate Pi Day in 2020?

  1. Give a gift to our scholarship fund from March 9th through March 14th!
  2. Print out this sign and tell us why Sci-Tech is your secret ingredient. Sci-Tech celebrates innovation and out of the box thinking, and we’re so curious to see what you discover about your connection to Sci-Tech!  
  3. Take a picture of your sign (bonus XP points if you are holding it and wearing a funny costume) and share it to social media during the week of March 9th –13th leading up to Pi Day on March 14th! Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook (@URJSciTechEast) and use the hashtag #6PointsPiDay! 

Why celebrate Pi Day?

Pi Day is foremost a celebration of mathematics and a recognition of the importance of STEM studies in today’s world. But it is more than just math. Did you know that within the digits of Pi is a history of the Jewish people? It’s true! For example:

  • The number Chai (18) is first found at the 424th digit of Pi.
  • The number of mitzvot in the Torah (613) is first found at the 970th digit of Pi.
  • The year of the founding of Israel (1948) is found at the 24,868th digit of Pi.

Give the Gift of Camp

As part of our Pi Day celebration, donate to our Sci-Tech scholarship fund. In the past two years, with the generosity and support of our Sci-Tech community, we were able to provide over $70,000 in scholarships to our campers. On this Pi Day, please consider making your donation of your favorite multiple of Pi! Pi might be an irrational number, but the effect you can have this Pi Day is as real as can be! We hope that we can count on you to support us in creating the perfect recipe for success. 


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