For our third final Maccabiah of the summer; we had the treat of Sanctum, a larping company,  planning a day for us that was full of daring quests, thrilling adventures, and fun. Our friends from Sanctum helped introduce this session’s theme to our campers. Everyone was so excited when it was announced that the final theme of the summer was RPG Galaxy Quest. Our campers were then split into groups and then sent off to their dorms to transform into space characters of their design. What made this Maccabiah special was not only the fact that we had our friends at Sanctum helping us; our 10th graders stepped up in a big way. They helped by creating and executing side quests that our campers could experience while they completed the main quest Sanctum made or us. 
 The main quest was simple, walk around and complete the challenges, as well as find the alien eggs and the rare space flower hidden somewhere around camp. Some of our campers’ favorite challenges included one where they worked together to come up with a system to deliver uranium across the galaxy. We saw many methods of transportation, but the one that ended up working the best was a system of moving ramps that rolled the uranium to its destination. Another popular challenge was to fight off the army of rouge aliens that had taken over the hockey rink. Our campers suited up and charged into battle with courage; as together they were able to fight off every single alien invader and take back the hockey rink in the name of Sci-Tech. 
The side quests our 10th graders put together were amazing. Some of our campers’ favorite side quests included a quest where they had to answer riddles presented to them by the grand riddle master. If they could solve enough riddles, then the campers got a hint as to where a possible alien egg could be hidden. Another quest that was a favorite amongst the campers was one where we had to aid a band of smugglers to sneak a dangerous alien to their spaceship, while also avoiding the Space Police. In this side quest, or campers got to fight their way through a field of obstacles and in the end, they even had to fight the very alien they were trying to sneak off with.
In the end, the group from Baer 1 won by finding the rare space flower, thus ending our Maccabiah. Our third and final Maccabiah of the summer was a beautiful day filled with fun, laughter and a lot of battles with aliens, and we cannot wait for whatever Sci-Tech has in store for us next summer.