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PokeMacc! Our Pokémon Themed Maccabiah

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Sci-Tech’s first Maccabiah of the summer was filled with excitement and adventure. The entire camp was just as electrified as Pikachu when it was announced that the first Maccabiah of the summer was Pokémon themed! 

We started PokéMacc with a visit from everyone’s favorite Pokemon trainer, Ash Ketchum, as well as a few of our favorite Pokemon, Charmander, Snorlax and Pikachu; but their stay was cut short when the evil Team Rocket showed up and tried to steal Ash’s Pokémon. The Pokémon were able to escape but got lost at Sci-Tech. OH NO! 

Our campers then transformed into Pokémon trainers to help Ash find his Pokémon, catch their own, and defeat Team Rocket once and for all. 

Our Pokemon trainers’ first task for PokéMacc was a video scavenger hunt, where they had to complete tasks that would help them find Ash’s Pokémon. During the video scavenger hunt, our teams of trainers got to be like a grass Pokémon and take pictures with flora and fauna of camp. They got to act like a Mr. Mime and pretend to be their favorite Pokémon; our Pokémon trainers even got to try their hand at acting as a ghost Pokémon and tried to surprise other groups walking by. Thankfully, the Blue Team found Ash’s Pokémon before Team Rocket could.

After we successfully found all of Ash’s Pokémon, our Pokémon trainers were able to have some fun in Pallet Town where they were able to play games, get to know their fellow trainers a little better as well as search for their own Pokémon. Our trainers had so much fun, but we must have caught too many electric type Pokemon, because the weather started to change, causing our trainer to seek shelter in the nearby Pallet Town Gym! 

At the gym, they were allowed to train with Gym Leader Sam, who helped us train our Pokémon and made us into the Pokémon Masters we were all meant to be. Thanks to Gym Leader Sam’s expert help, our new Pokémon Masters were able to challenge Team Rocket to a Poké-battle, and the Red Team was able to defeat them. Thanks to the collective efforts from both the Red and Blue Team, we were able to blast Team Rocket out of Sci-Tech, giving an exciting end to a great Maccabiah! 


Author: ljellenik

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