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This week’s top 5 moments

Our campers are having such a great summer so far! Here are our top 5 activities of the summer – we’re excited to have so many more.

5. Raft and Car Races!
For our Saturday afternoon activity, upper camp eidot engineered and built rafts for their counselors to race across the pool on and lower camp designed and put together toy box cars that they raced against each other.

4. Our young Doctors-in-Training got the amazing opportunity to dissect a sheep brain, learn all about the different parts of the brain, and their various functions.

3. Our campers learned all about food science and how to make some delicious meals and desserts with our visiting faculty.


2. Our Jewish Life Director, Emma Jaszczak, incorporated science experiments into our tefilah and led it beautifully with our songleader, Eva Turner.

1. Our first opening day of the summer!

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