Blog  Airobotics: Revolutionizing the Use of Drones

Airobotics: Revolutionizing the Use of Drones

By Adam Kalman and Josh Gross

We visited one of the offices of Airobotics, a company that has pioneered a new way for companies to take advantage of drone technology. Drones have many useful commercial applications, for example they can be used for security surveillance, as machinery inspection systems, or for emergency responders to do reconnaissance. The problem for most companies is that it is very expensive to purchase a drone and also hire somebody to be able to operate the drone. Airobotics solves this problem by giving companies a fully autonomous drone system that they pre-program with the different missions. That way, people with little to no technical experience can command the drone system and send a drone away on the various missions where it will take off complete its mission and return completely autonomously: no input required from the user. This puts drone technology at the reach of many businesses that previously would not have even thought about using this technology because no one had the technical expertise to use them. Their focus on creating drone systems that can be operated with little to no technical experience is unprecedented and certain to revolutionize the way businesses think about drones.

Speaking of aviation…

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