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Pioneer puzzles – can you solve them all?

At Sci-Tech, we call our campers during our inaugural summer "pioneer campers," as they're our first campers ever exploring uncharted territory! We have a special Sci-Tech West pioneer camper gift that we want to share with you. Solve all of the puzzles to unlock the message that will tell you what our pioneer camper gift is - you'll get one of these great gifts after you register for summer 2018!

Puzzle #1 instructions

Follow these instructions to decode the message
1) Print out the picture (or print from this link)
2) Cut out the white strips
3) Tape the strips together, short end to short end, forming one long strip of paper. Note the "start" and "end." Also match up the shapes on each end of the strips to be sure you have them in the correct order. Both shapes should still be visible after you have taped.
4) Wrap your long strip around an empty toilet paper tube, spiraling down the tube, lining up the letters to read the message.
5) Note any highlighted letters (in pink) to save for the word scramble at the end of the week.

Puzzle #2 Instructions

1) Each letter is represented by the shape around the letter in the key.
2) If you need the second letter inside the shape, that is indicated by a dot inside the shape.
3) Be sure to save the pink letters for the unscramble at the end of the week!

Puzzle #3 Instructions

1) Print out the decoder wheel linked here. Cut out the 3 circles and assemble them according the the directions shown. If you don't have a metal brad, try a push pin with the top of a pencil eraser.
2) Once you have assembled the wheel, you can decode the message below. The key is AF9.


Final Instructions

Now you can finally unscramble the pink letters from all of this week's puzzles to get the word that will unlock the hidden webpage!

Once you think you have the word, go to our website and add the word to the end of our URL like this:

Author: rshapiro

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