American Jewish University

6 Points West operates on the campus of American Jewish University in Los Angeles, CA.

Facilities at AJU include:

  • Modern dorms with private bathrooms
  • Large, central dorm lounge
  • State-of-the-art classrooms
  • Dining Hall
  • Indoor and outdoor programming spaces for services, song sessions, and other activities
  • Outdoor playing fields, basketball court

The campus is located about half an hour from Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

Dorm Life

Campers are housed in single-gendered halls in our dormitory. Within the hall, campers are clustered into groups based on age and their counselors are interspersed in rooms between their campers’ suites. These age clusters become the groups with which the campers will interact for most of the session (similar to a bunk or cabin at traditional camp). Counselors are in residence to supervise, mentor and engage their campers throughout the day, both when in the dorm and when at activities.

All campers are assigned to rooms (with private bathrooms) of two or three and campers can request a roommate. We do our best to honor roommate request and make the best roommate pairings possible. COVID UPDATE: all roommates must be in the same workshop.

Campers clean their personal living space, with the help of their counselors, each day. Professional cleaning crews will clean public areas (such as bathrooms and hallways) on a regular basis throughout the week. Laundry service is provided once in the middle of each session and again during inter-sessions for campers staying multiple sessions.