Positivity and Caring – My 6th Point

By Sean Crancher

Through the many experiences I have had at this camp, from running programs and chugim, to simply the moments of spending time with campers and my fellow staff members, I have come to know myself so much more.

Leading the Minecraft chug taught me a lot of incredible skills for conflict resolution and inspiring creativity, and I can still remember the funny conversations about Kirby in our common room last summer. Camp has given me the space and opportunities to grow as a person and find what I want my life to look like, both professionally in my career and as the type of person I want to be.

This is my second year working at Sci-Tech, before as a counselor and now as a unit head. When I first entered university a few years ago, I discovered Sci-Tech and was very excited to go to camp. Unfortunately, it was Summer 2020, and a lot happened that year. Coming from Scotland, I ended up eventually coming to Sci-Tech in 2022.

Positivity and caring is such a huge part of this community at Sci-Tech. After a terrific summer as a counselor, I know now that I want to bring it to the wider world, live as my best self, and believe in myself and what I can do.

I will have only spent four months of my life at Sci-Tech by the end of this summer, and yet, it feels like such an incredible and huge part of my life and growth. The impact this community has had on me is something I want to carry with me forever, and I can’t understate the clarity it has given me on where I want my career to go.

I want to work with people and encourage them to be their best selves. The hardest part of the world we live in is not having someone believe in one another, and I want to be that person for others now. Whether this takes the form of teaching or something completely different, I know the type of environments I want to work in and where I think I can best apply the variety of skills I learned and grew at camp.

Camp is a place I wish I could have had as a kid, and shaping this experience I now lead for others means everything to me.