Welcome to Sci-Tech!

We are so proud to have opened Session Two of our 10th summer since our pioneer year!

This Opening Day was a huge blast. We enjoyed getting to know each other as each hall played mixer games, experimented with Alka Seltzer bottle rockets and Elephant Toothpaste. Campers were also introduced to their workshops.

Campers who stayed from Session One welcomed their new hall mates with warm smiles as they helped them unpack and played fun games like Chess, Anomia, and Uno.

We have 180 campers this session who we know are so eager to connect with fellow campers and their counselors, enjoy one of the seven workshops offered this session, and return home after 12 days with forever friendships, lifetime learning, and a multitude of memories.

Under a summer sky, welcome to our Kehillah Kedoshah (holy community) in Byfield!