Staff Week Success

It’s a session of Sci-Tech but for staff!

About two weeks before we welcome our first campers, which begins tomorrow with Opening Day, we commence staff training as more directors, coordinators, specialists, counselors, and machonikim (counselors in training) arrive each day.

We all had a trip to the pool for swimming and games, enjoyed a Staff Festival with a variety of fun booths, and our international staff took a trip to Boston and Walmart to sightsee and stock up on supplies.

After daily training programs, staff nights included competing to get the most votes in hilarious Jackbox Games, chatting with our co-director Rabbi Dan for a fireside conversation, and a night out in Boston.

Our counselors cozied up for a slumber party movie night complete with snacks and face masks, and staff also set out to explore Newburyport and Boston on the day off.

With the first wave of campers arriving tomorrow, we cannot wait to welcome you!!

Staff Connection Coordinator Willow Bosworth has beautified the Moadon staff lounge for counselors to enjoy on their periods off this summer.

I’m new to this community, and I love it already. Shabbat at Sci-Tech is full of ruach (spirit) for Judaism and science and technology together. It’s incredible, and I can’t wait to bring this ruach to our campers and experience their energy! – Erin Levine, Director of Jewish Life

I’m really looking forward to giving back to the community that raised me. I’ve only known most of these people for a week, and it feels like I’ve known them for a lifetime. I can’t wait to watch campers make those same connections! – Harrison Sussman, Counselor

I love how quickly we were able to come together despite our backgrounds to be a strong community during training. So excited to see all the campers on Tuesday! – Brady Siebels, Recreation Coordinator

After I enjoyed all of staff training – including the learning and getting to know the staff, I am so looking forward to the campers arriving, particularly the first-time campers. My son and I both have had our lives enriched by being part of this community and I cannot wait to meet all our new community members. – Toby Linder, Director of Community Care