Each summer, Sci-Tech campers choose from a variety of Workshops that pique their interest. Campers select one Workshop per session and spend up to three hours a day learning from experts in their field in Robotics, Digital Film, Programming and Coding, and more! You can find the full list of Workshops here to take a look at some Sci-Tech classics, or continue reading below as we introduce you to our new workshops for Summer 2021:


Marine Science is led by instructor Lauren! Marine Science dives into zoology, oceanography, and environmental science. Throughout the session, campers learn how the ocean works through creating games, dissecting sharks and starfish, building an ocean model with mason jars, and diving into how Sci-Tech values, like kavod, intersect with protecting the oceans.





The Science of LARP is led by instructor Jay! LARP stands for “Live Action Role Play”, meaning campers create and portray characters that travel and interact within the world of their role-playing game. Beyond world-building, campers learn about the mechanical physics behind the moves and spells they cast in their stories by using biodegradable spell packets and measuring their trajectory.  



Digital Art is led by instructor Kyle. This Workshop teaches campers how to create art using Adobe and Audacity software. Using the powers of Adobe and Audacity, campers are breaking the boundaries of digital art and what is considered “art” at all! Between experiments where images are converted into audio files (and then made images again), learning how to manipulate pre-made images, and creating new design pieces from scratch, there’s always something new and exciting happening in this room!



Cryptology is led by instructor Laura! Cryptology examines the study of coding from code creation (encoding) to code solving (decoding). Campers explore the study of cryptology dating back to the Caesar Cipher (named after Julius Caesar himself), ancient codes from India, and traversing through codes and ciphers of history, all the way up to the Enigma Code (used during WWII) and beyond! They challenge themselves through escape rooms and keep journals featuring codes they create throughout the workshop. You might even receive a letter from your Cryptology camper in their favorite code or cipher they’ve learned!


There’s no better way for our campers to show off all that they’ve learned in their workshops than celebrating their accomplishments at TechTalks! At the end of each session, we host a Tech Talks night – a Sci-Tech-style science fair where the Digital Film campers screen their short films, Video Game Design campers have others playtest their games, and so much more. We can’t wait to see what the campers in these brand new workshops create and showcase at our first TechTalks in just a few days. Their newfound knowledge and passions are vital to the fabric of our kehilah kedoshah, the holy community of Sci-Tech.