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Thanks For All The Memories, Sci-Tech

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It’s hard to describe a place like Sci-Tech. If you were to try, you might say the food here is the best camp food in the universe. You might say that the friends you make here truly last a lifetime, or that you feel like you have known everyone at Sci-Tech for a lifetime, and you can not imagine your life before you met them (even though it has only been two days). You might say, this is the place that feels like home, and the people who surround you are your family. You could say all of this and more about any number of other camps, but what truly sets Sci-Tech apart from the rest of the crowd is that it is borderless.

What makes this camp unique is not the emotional connection to the facilities we use, instead, it is the people we make connections and form a community with. Sci-Tech is wherever we want it to be; thus, it is impossible to leave Sci-Tech for good. Whether it is your last year as a camper or your last session of the summer, Sci-Tech will always be with you and will forever be your home away from home, and will always gladly be there to always welcome you back with open arms.

Though even if you were to say all of that and more, it still doesn’t capture the essence of what it feels like to be a part of this fantastic community, and attempting to do so is so unbelievably hard, but our campers, Harrison, Nathan, Eliana, Sydney, and Avery, were not able to put the feeling of being at camp and being touched by this community into words, they did so in a video that is so accurate and moving that there was not a dry eye in the audience when it was premiered to the entire camp.

Author: ljellenik

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