Blog  The week is for invention; Shabbat, for reinvention.

The week is for invention; Shabbat, for reinvention.

By Lillian Feldman-Hill

Each Shabbat we stop and reset. God stopped the creation of the world, we stop the creation of our work. The week is our time to invent and innovate in our places of work or school, to create products and results. We spend the week inventing the person that we will become by Friday night.  And on Friday we take time to reinvent ourselves and grow even greater.

After five beautiful summers as the lead instructor for Digital Film Production, it was my pleasure to step into a new role this summer as week 2 faculty. In my out-of-camp life, I have just begun school for Nursing and my relationship at Sci-Tech has changed. No longer the film expert, I am so proud of our new DFP instructors and the incredible work they are doing with our campers. As a rising nursing student, I now find myself helping out in Biozone, dissecting hearts and brains with our inquisitive young practitioners. The one common thread that ties together all my roles at camp, however, is my love for Jewish teaching, Jewish Values, and Torah. This session for me is my Shabbat, my break from the rest of the world (and piles of anatomy homework), and my time to reinvent who I am.

Each week we go in fresh, with the ability to correct mistakes of the past week, improve upon ourselves, our skills, and our ideas, to mend wounded relationships and start pursuing new dreams.

This week, appreciate your inventions of the past week and imagine how you will reinvent yourself for the week to come.

Shabbat Shalom!


Author: ljellenik

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