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Why We Returned to Sci-Tech West

We are so lucky that some of our pioneer summer staff have returned to staff for summer 2. Wondering what brought them back for another unforgettable summer?

It’s an amazing way to spend a summer! Working behind the scenes to create the camp experience so many refer to as “the magic of camp” is a truly incredible experience. Being a part of such a difficult yet rewarding summer job shines a light on what it means to give back to a camp that can offer us so much. -Nathan

It’s a unique experience! Summer camps are often thought to be athletic, outside, built for the child who loves to run around and play all day. Sci-Tech was created for the child who may not love these activities. It is instead specially built for the child who wants to spend their summer learning about space or robots or programming software. Building and shaping this unique experience is an inspiring thing to be part of! -Eddie

We love making new friends! The past two summers, we as returning staff have had the honor and privilege to work with some extraordinary people. Camp is not only where kids can find their best friends but where counselors and staff can connect to like-minded individuals and create long-lasting friendships. – Nicky

We get to learn from each other as staff and from our campers! We are so lucky to have staff from all different educational backgrounds. From our instructors and their respective fields, to our counselors and what they study at university, there is always something we can teach each other. Our campers are also super smart and come to us ready and excited to share what they know with the staff and their fellow campers. It is a beautiful way to grow together as a community. -Hannah

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