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10th Grade Legacy Project

Each summer, our 10th graders collaborate on a legacy project in order to leave their mark on Sci-Tech during their last summer as campers. Many of our oldest campers have been at camp since the beginning and have grown and developed just as our camp has grown and developed. The community that they have built with Sci-Tech is incredibly powerful and will stick with them forever.

This year, their legacy project was to create a Torah cover for the Sci-Tech Torah. This unique Torah, written by the 6 Points Sci-Tech Community, weaves together texts from the Torah with facts that outline our modern understanding of the history of the world. Each summer, we add new texts and scientific facts or discoveries to the Torah. This summer, we continued with the book of Genesis, adding the text about Jacob’s Ladder, when he dreams that God is with him. Our campers came up with the following scientific fact to correspond: dreams happen during REM sleep, which makes up 25% of the sleep cycle

Because this Torah has been a central ritual object and has grown each summer along with our community, the 10th graders decided to design and create a Torah cover made out of camper t-shirts from the first 5 summers of Sci-Tech. When presenting their project, the group wrote a song and a few campers spoke about the legacy they hope to leave at camp.

We are all a family
Unique Jews all standing proud
We’ve all found our home at Sci-Tech, memories even now

We are from around the world
Gathering at camp
We are all together here and now

“Four years ago, I made many friends that are still friends to this day. The legacy I leave at Sci-Tech starts with welcoming new friends and making others laugh. I want this to be the most memorable summer Sci-Tech has ever had. The Sci-Tech torah cover we made will be here for years to come and the legacy of all of our summers here will live on.”
– Hannah

“One of the most meaningful aspects of Sci-Tech for me is the community. Working together with all the 10th graders combined, our ideas and creativity made our community into something tangible. The torah cover represents all of our friendships, and all of our ruach and enthusiasm. Even when none of us are physically present at camp, there will always be this part of us here.”
– Meredith

“My 6th value at camp is friendship. Making friends has been my favorite part of this camp and the friendships I made with my peers and younger campers will remain even after I leave.”
– Paul

“At camp, enthusiasm and passion motivates and inspires people, and our group definitely has that. We bring enthusiasm, and passion, and openness to all of the weirdness that happens at camp, and I hope that that is the legacy of me and my friends.”
– Ethan

“The 10th Grade Legacy Project is made of all the t-shirts from the past 5 years of camp, like how the people at camp build on each other. We are all growing up, but the memories of this place will stay with us, how we grow with and around each other. Thank you to everyone who had worked with us and taught us and we hope one day we can all come back and help teach future campers.”
– Shira, Julia, & Izzy

“My legacy is being around to meet and help others.  I sort of helped with the idea of the Torah. My 6th value is usefulness, helpful, or carefree.”
– Hunter

“My sixth value here at Sci-Tech is, without a doubt, Kehilah, or community. The community here at Sci-Tech is a very specialized and niche one, but it is at the same time very diverse. In the three summers I have spent here, I have met so many amazing people, both campers and staff. I hope everyone here will continue to take part in this wonderful kehilah kedoshah!”
– Noah

“Sci-Tech is a place that we have grown up in and that has become a home to all of us. When we, the 10th graders, came together and created the Sci-Tech Torah cover, it cemented the idea that we are all one big family that has grown and become closer of the course of the past 5 years. We made this Torah cover out of patches from each year of trip day shirts, which you may not think are beautiful, which you may not think would work, but they came together to create something beautiful. This shows in a way the legacy we have left, and the legacy that every person in this room has helped to create as well. We are 200 people from 200 different backgrounds with 200 minds and who knows why it works, but it does. We’ve built a patchwork community that has raised all of us and will continue to raise kids from everywhere. We made this and it’s something that we hope will last forever.”
– Sam, Emma, Elena

“I want our legacy to add to camp’s culture of positivity through all of our differences coming together to make something beautiful.”
– Ben

“My sixth value is advocacy. If you don’t advocate for yourself and say when something is wrong, you may not be able to do amazing things that could make you happy, help you in some way, or teach you something new. Always speak up. You deserve to be heard.”
– Schmidty

“The time I have spent here over the past five years has been the best time of my life. The things I have learned here, the friendships I have made here, I have grown up at this camp. There are people here who love me, not just in passing, but truly care about me. This is the legacy of camp. My 6th value is family. My friends, the staff members who have supported me, this whole camp, you are all my family. I would not be the person I am today without this place. Thank you so much for everything, Sci-Tech.”
– Sophia

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