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Workshop Discoveries and TECH Talks

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This summer, our campers chose from one of 9 workshops to focus on during each session. Their options were: Biozone, Chemistry, 3D Animation, Robotics, Earth and Sky, Digital Film Production, Programming and Coding, Video Game Design, and Start-Up Nation. In their workshops they learn new skills, test out their ideas and hypotheses, and develop their team work skills. At the end of the session, they showed off what they have learned at the TECH Talks. It’s so fun to walk around the hockey rink and hear campers explaining the video games, showing off their robots, giving physical exams, and teaching each other about what they have learned this summer. To see the transformation from their first day of workshop when they are staring at the instructor wide eyed with curiosity and confusion, to the TECH talks when they have become experts in their workshop, is magical.

Author: rlandman

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