Blog  My 1st Week at Sci-Tech

My 1st Week at Sci-Tech

We asked some of our new campers to reflect on their first week at camp. Here are their highlights: 

“I’ve been having a lot of fun here. I’ve learned a lot in 3D Animation, more than I think I could have learned anywhere else. Last week for my chug I also chose 3D animation & 3D printing. In 3D printing I made a castle! I think this camp is much better than the other camps I’ve been to.” – Sam, Elion 1

“I liked [last week] a lot, everything was very new to me. I’m doing a super chug on storytelling called we built this city where we build a town. I’m playing a commander of the navy and it’s really funny, but now were playing dungeon world and we’re using that town we created. Also I have to admit the food is amazing here! Like it’s really good.” – Jack, Ramon 4

“Well, the workshop is really fun. In video game design I’m currently animating sprites through a website, then we’re going to input them in the game as the characters. I’ve gotten to work with friends and make new friends! It’s just a very friendly community.” – Johnathan, Elion 1

“I like the people and I like the activities, my workshop, Chemistry, is really interesting because we’re lighting different things on fire to see the chemical reactions. I also learned how to hack in cyber security.” – Jessica, Sagan 1

“Everyone here is super nice and welcoming and encouraging. I really like my workshop because we’re making a documentary on finding big foot! We’ve already filmed 3 scenes” – Megan, Sagan 1

“It’s been fun! All the counselors are so excited! This camp has so many skilled instructors that help me a lot with what I need to do. – James, Ramon 2

“My counselors and hall mates were all very welcoming. My workshop is programming and coding. I started off not knowing much about it, but I was really interested and now I know how to create a rectangle! It’s a lot harder than you’d think.” – Mazzy, Rosie 1

“I’ve built robots with Devon and now we’re setting them up for a challenge which is really fun! I really like how friendly everyone is here.” Levi, Baer 1

“My favorite part about camp so far was trip day. I loved the lightning show at the museum of science and saw different kinds of robots at Vecna.” Miriam, Rosie 1

“I love the food here. In my workshop I created a video game and it actually works! It’s a donut shop.” – Benjy, Baer 1


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