Blog  Making the Mischlahat

Making the Mischlahat

By Omer Koren, Mishlachat 

I came to Sci-Tech from my home in Nahariya Israel, as one of the 12 Israeli mishlachat for the summer. Mishlachat is the hebrew word for delegation, and at Sci-Tech refers to the Israeli counselors who come to camp as a delegation to bring Israel to the Sci-Tech community. The mishlachat each come with their own specific skills such as robotics, cyber security, drone flying, inclusion, or photography. In addition to being counselors and teaching workshops and electives, we also run Israel day each session, during which we teach the campers about Israel through their interests in science and technology. On Israel Day my favorite part last session was that we had a chance to have the campers compete in an Israeli game show called SheshTus. This was a TV show that a lot of us grew up with. One elective that I have been teaching is a Hebrew elective, where we teach the campers basic phrases so they can have simple conversations with us and the other mishlachat.  I love teaching Hebrew because in school I think children are only taught the alphabet and prayers. I teach the campers that learning Hebrew can be fun so we learn how to order ice cream and sing songs in Hebrew. I’ve been asked a few times to explain what it’s like to be here representing Israel. First of all, I wanted to be a part of the Shlichim program for many years, because I loved working with children. I knew that when I completed my army service, this was what I really wanted.

The selection process for the mischlahat started in November 2017. I had to fill out a form with information about myself and my skills. Then, after a few weeks, I was called to “sadnat miyon” a day when my teaching skills, my social skills and my English were tested.

The next step was my interview with Greg! I remember I was so excited when he told me all about the camp community! A few weeks before the summer started I met my fellow mislachat. To be honest, at the beginning I was afraid we might not work well together or they might not like me, but as soon as I got to know them I realized I was surrounded by amazing, smart, talented people who became my best friends!

To be a member of the mishlachat is to be so far away from home, but to feel like home is right here. It’s leaving like your parents only to realize you are joining a brand new family for 6 weeks. I want to thank Sci-Tech for making all of us part of your community and for making this summer unforgettable.


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