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5 Favorite Ways to Spend Sababa Time

Everyday at Sci-Tech, campers come together as either lower or upper camp for Sababa time on the Main Lawn. They play Gaga, make friendship bracelets, and most importantly spend time together. In our highly programmed schedule with workshops and chugim twice a day, it is important for our campers to have some unstructured time where they can play games, read, run around, or just chill with their friends. Sababa is a hebrew slang word for awesome, so this period in the day also translates to “awesome time.”

Because there are so many fun ways to spend Sababa time, we decided to poll our campers and ask what their favorites are.


#5 Lawn Games

There are a wide variety of lawn games that our campers can choose from. We have cornhole, giant inflatable soccer balls, giant bowling, can jam, spikeball, and so much more!

“I love lawn games because it’s different from sports and allows us to make more kesherim (connections)”-Bram from Elion 2


#4 Reading

There’s nothing better than sitting under a tree with a good book. Lots of campers choose this option to catch up on summer reading or just dive into their own adventure. It’s a nice time for our campers who enjoy some quiet and alone time to recharge for the rest of the day.

“The best part of Sababa is all the options.” – Kate from Rosie 2


#3 Friendship Bracelets

At first a lot of campers would just bring their own string and congregate in the shade with their pre-existing bracelets, but it’s become so popular we’ve decided to bring the string to them. Campers who are in different halls and don’t have many opportunities to spend time together enjoy making bracelets and new friends during Sababa. 

“It’s a great way to wind down especially with friends. The patterns are really fun too” – Sydney from Sagan 2


#2 Card Games

Everyday there are always so many different clusters of campers playing cards. Having multiple games going is a great so everyone can play what they want. A fan favorite is Magic the Gathering!

“I usually play spit, uno, or palace with a few friends, the games are a great way to connect with each other.” – Amanda from Sagan 2



#1 Gaga

Gaga is a camp favorite whether our campers are participating in sports, using the court on pool day, or just having a casual match during sababa.

“It’s great to spend time with your friends while also being part of a competition.”-Jake from Elion 1


When you walk out to the Main Lawn for Sababa there’s a strong feeling of community. Each day campers are put in groups for workshops, chugim, meals etc., but Sababa is a chance to breakout of daily groups and make new connections.

“It’s a much needed break during the day, where campers don’t necessarily need to be with their halls. It’s structured unstructured time they get to chose and it’s different every day.” – Rachel Girls Unit Head


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