Blog  Opening Day Session 3!

Opening Day Session 3!

We were overjoyed as our Session 3 campers arrived yesterday. Opening day here at Sci-Tech is something children from all over the country wait for all year.  As cars pulled up to the hockey rink, we watched familiar faces and new families arrive. It was great to see parents of returning campers urge their children to choose different photo booth props from past summers. After finishing check-in, campers went to their halls to unpack and meet their counselors. This was followed by a cozy picnic lunch and science related mixers on the Main Lawn. Seeing everyone come together as one kehilah kedosha was the perfect way to jump into our third session.

Posing with new and old friends!

Take three of Sci-Tech’s 5th season! Our scientist’s are ready!


Ready to fly into summer!

Showing our gratitude for being together at a community for the first time during the opening ceremony!

Building connections in our bunks while competing in engineering challenges!


Science apprentices playing our unique version of science WAH!


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