Blog  Why Diversity is Really Camp’s 6th Value

Why Diversity is Really Camp’s 6th Value

In our Journalism Chug, campers were put into groups to design a banner or poster to celebrate our Sci-Tech values. The first banner completed was from Bram and Gabriel in Elion 2. They chose the 6th value which we typically refer to as the “bring your own value”. In it’s place they chose Diversity. These boys felt strongly about this value because of the inclusiveness at Sci-Tech. We are all from very different backgrounds and family dynamics despite this being a Jewish specialty camp. We have campers who come from interfaith families, same sex parents, adoptive families, and so many other backgrounds. On top of that we have more staff this year coming from various religious backgrounds. One of our boys’ counselors Andrei from Romania explained how he felt during his first Shabbat at camp.

“It was my first time that I came in contact with an actual Jewish community and so when we celebrated Shabbat I’d never heard of it before. It was the most beautiful event that I had taken apart of it. The service, the songs, the prayers, they made me feel like I belong in this community even though I’m not Jewish.”


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