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Buddy Bash!

Sci-Tech’s Kesher Buddies program is one of the best ways for our oldest and youngest campers to come together and make kesherim or connections.

This program is really important because it gives mentors to our 5th graders while also giving more responsibility to our 10th graders!

“It’s great to have a role model who’s been here so many years and knows a lot about camp,” Lyra – Rosie 1.

Another amazing thing about our Kesher Buddies program, is that it gives both age groups a chance to make connections with campers they would not have met otherwise. This is because our workshops, chugim, and evening programs are divided by lower and upper camp, so before the program there was little room for interaction. During their buddy reveal last

night, campers had the opportunity to make pet rocks, solve riddles, play card games, and spend time on the playground. Afterwards they got to make s’mores and learn more about each other.

“With the tenth graders we talk a lot about Sci-Tech super heroes, We ask who made them want to keep coming back to camp?  and How can you be that for others?” Rachel – Girls Unit Head.

This morning at breakfast I was surrounded by my 10th graders and they were all talking about how they’d seen their buddies a few times before, but never knew who they were. Now during boker big bang and meal time they check in with them and do a secret handshake. Overall while this is only our second summer running the Kesher Buddies program, it’s definitely one that will be carried out in the years to come.



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