Blog  Session 2 Recap

Session 2 Recap

We had an INCREDIBLE second session! Here are some of the things our campers and staff have to say looking back on it!

“I enjoyed video game design because I love playing games, but I think it’s cool to play games that I got to make!” -Jadyn (Upper Camp, Video Game Design)

“I’m going to miss all of my friends and counselors and everyone at camp.” -Meeka (Lower Camp, Video Game Design)

“The part of camp that I am going to miss the most is the environment. Everyone here is loving and care for each other. When I think back on camp, the part that I am going to remember the most is the friends that I made. My friends and I have stuck close together and had so much fun together.” -Zach (Upper Camp, Robotics)

“It’s not just the workshops or the chugs that made my summer amazing, it’s the people!” -Orel (Oberon Counselor)

“A highlight for me this session was being included in Titan’s lunch table and participating in their high/low evening ritual. It was great to feel included and to know that the campers wanted to spend time with me outside of my workshops.”    -Laura (Astrophysics Instructor)


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