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Finding Opportunity in Challenges

“Many times you’ll hear, ‘This can not be done.’ When you hear that, you must go and try it.” That was the opening message given by Reuven Marko, an entrepreneur who was involve in PillCam, the original iPhone, and so much more. In addition to being a successful innovator and entrepreneur, Reuven is also the Chair of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism. He and his fellow innovators, Shmuel Marko and Lior Ben-Tsur, joined Sci-Tech for the afternoon to teach about ideation and listening, research and development, and steps needed to turn an idea into a realistic invention.

Below is a photo journal from our time with Reuven, Shmuel, and Lior:

Solving Practical Problems with Reuven 

A great deal of innovation is solving practical problems.

So much of innovation is rooted in creativity, teamwork, and believing in yourself.


Through an activity, Reuven taught the importance of listening to the needs of others when trying to develop solutions to practical problems.

Flavor Engineering and Research and Development with Shmuel


Testing the importance of saliva for taste. After wiping saliva off of their tongues, it was hard to taste the sugar cube.

Demonstrating the different types of Sodastream machines and how they function.

Teens were challenged to create their favorite flavor of soda using a wide variety of options from coconut, to ginger ale, to pomegranate.

Showing off their creations with pride.

Steps for Success with Lior 

Steps of taking an idea and turning it into an invention.

Case study with Vibrant, Lior’s current innovation project. Vibrant is a pill used to solve constipation, by vibrating when swallowed.

Final words of wisdom: Anyone can be an inventor, dream and dare, start-ups exercise Jewish values, innovation can be part of Tikkun Olam.


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