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Why I Chose Sci-Tech Israel

By Casey Green

I chose to come to Israel with Sci-Tech for a variety of reasons. My friends are a big part of why I wanted to go with Sci-Tech. They are the main reason that my camp experience was so amazing! They make things that are fun even more so. They also will help you whenever you need them, you can trust them, and enjoy their company! Another reason why I decided to come to Israel with Sci-Tech is because I am interested in science! This trip is based on science and going to places in the amazing country of Israel, where there is a lot of innovation and a lot of cool things to see and do hands on. For example, going to The Buza ice cream factory and the Iscar Factory! It is cool to see where things that we can buy in the USA are made and are shipped from. Once you see how much is made here it’s mind boggling how many things that you own come from Israel! Finally, I wanted to go with Sci-Tech because I can see the land of Israel in a fun and cool way. Israel by itself is a beautiful country, but the way our schedule is we get to see things that are insanely cool and that are unique to this one place! We got to raft down the Jordan River, go to the Grottos, and we will see and explore so much more I cannot wait to see what comes in the next 2 weeks here with Sci-Tech Israel!

Author: rlandman

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