By: Tess Levinson – Machon Unit Head

Shalom from Byfield!

Since last Sunday, when the Machonikim joined the Sci-Tech community for the final days of staff week, it has been so much fun to watch the Machonikim take on leadership roles and responsibilities around camp. Before campers arrived, we focused on the difference in role between a Machon and camper, and it was so exciting to have the Machonikim serve as our Sci-Tech Ruach Crew or welcoming committee, greeting campers arriving at camp.

Last week, we focused on gaining a further understanding of camp operations and organizations on a day to day basis. This included learning the role of a counselor at camp, as well as relearning the camp schedule from a staff perspective. The Machonikim have also been learning on the job, apprenticing in workshops and on halls in the Lower Boys unit. These components have been some of their favorite parts. In workshops, Machonikim have been supporting small groups of campers as they create robots, video games, or chemistry experiments for next weekend’s TECH Talks. Machonikim also spent meals and rest hour with campers this week, having fun conversations and playing games on the hall.

Staff and members of our Leadership Team have told me how helpful the Machonikim are, and our Program Director commented recently on how “engaged, excited, and on it” the Machonikim were when meeting with him about creating camp activities. After a week of work, we took a day off in Boston on Monday. We went to the Russell Museum at Massachusetts General Hospital and wandered around Newbury Comics at Faneuil Hall.

This week, the Machonikim are learning more about how camp is run and gaining a greater role in camp activities. Having gained more inside knowledge about how camp happens, the team is beginning to plan their own space-themed evening program for all of camp. The Machonikim are also beginning to spend more time with their halls’ campers during all-camp programs, such as the Fourth of July Carnival.

It has been so exciting working with your children at camp and I am so excited for what the next few weeks bring!

Wishing you an early Shabbat Shalom,