Blog  Video Game Design’s Visit to Turbine!

Video Game Design’s Visit to Turbine!

The Video Game Design workshop paid a return visit to the local studio of Turbine/WB, a leading developer of online games based on fantasy- and superhero-themed fiction. Starting out with a guided tour through their production floor, we saw designers, producers, and community-managers at work on popular MMORPGs (massively-multiplayer online role playing games), such as “Game of Thrones – Conquest”. In their cool and comfy conference room, campers gained insights from Turbine’s technical-art director and QA representatives about the complex process and varied roles involved in big-team game design and development. We heard many echoes of the Sci-Tech core values, especially Kesher, Kavod, and Savlanut. Fun fact: Turbine staff regularly play board games together during breaks, and their studio features an impressive collection!


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