Many social issues have gained traction in the last five years. The STEM field's "boys' club" mentality being among them. In the wake of this news, awareness has been spread to cease the pigeonholing of our children's potential. But awareness isn't action. The world needs more places that cultivate passion for STEM in young girls. In reality the world needs more places like URJ 6 points Sci-Tech Academy.
As we begin our fifth summer as a camp community, our growth is truly a point of pride. During Sci-Tech's first summer, we had 159 campers 27 of which were girls. Five summers ago each session had about 11 female campers. In terms of housing these girls took up a total of one floor, when the boys were taking over buildings. However today I'm proud to say there are now 91 young women attending  Sci-Tech. They now claim five floors in two buildings. This shows the action our camp community has taken in reaching out to young girls across the country.

I believe our campers are the future. After three years of working with them, I’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth. Their adaptability is clear from their ability to communicate ideas and feelings to the skills they have cultivated in their workshops. These young minds will give us a new perspective on the world. A perspective that I believe will be truly equal.