Blog  A Perfect Match: Finding Sci-Tech Through Camp America

A Perfect Match: Finding Sci-Tech Through Camp America

By Will Mason, Program Director 

I decided to apply to Camp America because I was totally uninterested in the thought of another dull summer at home working and had heard about how awesome camp experiences in the United States are from a flatmate at University. I was also really excited about the idea of roaming around the U.S. after my camp placement ended! I went to a recruitment fair and was placed at URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy.

Sci-Tech is this super cool Jewish science camp, located in serene New England, just an hour north of Boston. We run awesome workshops in activity areas such as robotics, video game design, forensics, rocketry, and many more! It’s such an incredible place, filled to the brim with exceptional and incredibly dedicated staff members, and equally awesome kids.

At first, as someone who is not Jewish, I was confused about my placement at a Jewish camp. Now in my third year at camp, I find the Jewish aspects of Sci-Tech to be incredibly warm and welcoming, fostering an amazing sense of community. I joyfully engage in singing and dancing along to Hebrew songs.

I have so many incredible memories from my two years at Sci-Tech, it’s super difficult to pick one that stands out amongst the rest. However, I suppose if I’d have to choose, it would have to the first Shabbat I spent at camp – the sense of community and togetherness was incredible, and will stay with me long after I have to stop coming back to camp!

Camp has equipped me with loads of incredible skills that I use every day, and has helped me become a more confident person, who enjoys taking positions of leadership, and is always willing to work hard to make a difference. Being a camp counselor is an incredibly rewarding job, and it’s awesome to have the opportunity to positively affect the lives of children. Watching my campers grow throughout my time at camp has, and still is, one of the main reasons I keep coming back.

At Sci-Tech, I have had the opportunity experience an awesome new culture and way of life, meet amazing new people, and just generally broaden your horizons!

Can’t wait to have a great third summer at Sci-Tech! “AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE A SCI-TECH PARTY!”

Author: rlandman

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