Blog  Announcing: Sci-Tech West’s Shlichim!

Announcing: Sci-Tech West’s Shlichim!

Meet our Israeli Delegation!

We are excited and proud to welcome 3 Israelis to our staff who are specially selected and trained to be emissaries, bringing Israel to life for our campers. Our new Israeli counselors, collectively called our shlichim in Hebrew, are our Israeli delegation coordinated through the Jewish Agency for Israel who choose to spend their summer with us teaching and learning with us (other URJ camps have shlichim, too!). They will be counselors plus each will teach an elective of their choice, teach us about science and the booming tech industry in Israel and teach us a Hebrew word of the day. We asked each of them what they hope our campers will learn from them and here is what they said:


I want them to get to know the field of robotics and understand how their robots actually look from the inside. Also I would like them to learn how to be systematic and patient when working on a complicated subject like building and programming a robot. Lastly, because I live on a kibbutz, I would like them to get to know the kibbutz lifestyle.



I know that what children see, children do so I am ready to be a great role model!
I want to have fun with the kids and I want them to learn useful life skills they could use later on in their lives, as well as valuable life lessons. No matter if the kids are younger or older-I personally believe that there’s a way to each age’s heart.



I studied computer programming in high school, and during my military service, I taught teens at risk about computer programming in Arduino, physics electric systems, math, and helped them to prepare for the final examinations Israelis have to pass to graduate high school. I have done Brazilian jiu jitsu for about 6-7 years, three of which were combined with muy thai and kyokushin
karate. I am excited to teach the campers all of this as well!

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