What is 6 Points West?

At 6 Points West, campers can choose either the Science & Technology track or the Arts track to focus on developing their own skills and passions while using that field to also explore their Judaism.  Staff guide our campers to see their area of focus as a portal through which to connect to our tradition, understanding it in new and personal ways.  At 6 Points West, that can mean a science experiment during services as an interpretation of a prayer or performing a scene from previously mounted work to illustrate a Jewish value.

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Multiple Tracks—Frequently Asked Questions

Will it still be a specialty camp focused on what I love?

Yes, each track will function separately to give all the best of what specialty camps have to offer: high level instruction and skill building with friends who love the same things and staff who also come from this focus and understand us. While the two tracks will do some things together (see below), the programmatic elements that are specialized will be separate.

Will the 2 tracks mix?

The tracks will be together for meals and will be housed in the same dorm. Non-specialty times like free time, 4th of July carnival, rest time, etc. will be mixed. When the tracks are focused on their specialty areas, the tracks will be separate such as workshop, shabbat services, shabbat afternoon challenges, etc.

Is it 1 Camp or 2 Camps?

6 Points West Specialty Camps is 1 camp with two tracks. The camp is run by 1 leadership team and 1 back office to support it. The tuition, session dates, policies & procedures are all the same.

Can I room with a friend from the other track?


How often will I see my friend who is in the other track?

The tracks will be together a different points during the day and week. See above (will the 2 tracks mix)*

What if I want to take a workshop from the other track?

Your choice of workshop determines your track. Campers at 6 Points West choose 1 workshop for the full 12 day session. If more than 1 workshop interests you, you might consider attending for 2 sessions. A camp can attend the Sci-Tech track for 1 session and switch to the Arts track for the following session*

What if I want to take an elective (chug) from the other track?

Electives (chug-singular, chuggim-plural) are not exclusive to one track or the other. Campers from either track are free to choose any elective and are often a fun way to combine interests.*

What is the difference between the Arts track in CA and URJ 6 Points Creative Arts Academy (CAA) in PA?

6 Points West Arts track is an option for campers who want to specialize in either Visual Arts or Theater and want to be on the west coast. CAA is our “sister” camp, offering a larger variety of workshops and sessions. Both offer high level instruction focused on each discipline.

Why is the Arts track only 1 session?

For the 2021 summer, we are piloting this new track for one 12-day session. In the future, we will grow the program to offer more session dates and more workshop choices.

*pending Covid policies