In celebration of Israel's 70th birthday, we are doing a blog series focused on 7 decades of innovation in Israel.
This series is designed to inform and inspire readers about scientific and technological advances in modern Israel in each of the decades since its founding in 1948.

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The Pioneer Years

Water is essential to human life and Israel is more than 60% desert. During the years the State of Israel was being established, pioneers faced the challenge of creating a self-sufficient society in an environment without easy access to food or water.

The answer? Innovation.

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During its second decade (1958-1968), the still-young nation laid the groundwork that eventually would enable its advanced institutions and hi-tech companies to flourish, creating a global center for innovation.

No list of Israeli innovations would be complete without computer hardware and software technologies that have become ubiquitous, including cell phone chips and instant messaging apps. 

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1968 - 1978

Throughout Israel’s “Silicon Wadi,” the counterpart to our Silicon Valley, are research and development facilities for Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and others, intermixed with a vast array of Israeli start-ups, including Mobile-Eye, Orcam, StoreDot, and others.

The foundations for many of these research collaborations were establish during Israel’s third decade from the late 1960s to the late 1970s. In 1972, IBM opened its doors to three researchers in Israel, soon followed by Intel in 1974.

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1988 - 1998

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2008 - 2018

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