“Sci-Tech Israel provided a variety of activities that showed off the many faces of Israel"
- Summer 2018 Participant

Begin your journey in the north, exploring the diverse ecosystem, resources, and communities of the Golan and Galilee.

HIGHLIGHTS:Galilee Medical Center – Walk through the hospital with doctors and learn about Israel’s role in providing medical assistance to its neighbors.National Institute of Oceanography - Wade into the Mediterranean Sea, collecting samples and observing marine organisms with scientists.Technion – Tour Israel’s Institute of Technology, visiting the formula race car labs and meeting with students and professors.Tzfat - Wind through the blue-painted alleys to discover this mystical city.

Celebrate your first Shabbat in the Golan getting to know your new friends from Sci-Tech and NFTY in Israel.

Dig into the ancient history of Israel and how it connects with the modern landscape as you overlook the holy city of Jerusalem, observing the ancient architecture alongside a modern city.

HIGHLIGHTS:Yad Vashem and Mt. Hertzl – Learn about our Jewish history and some of Israel’s greatest leaders and innovators.Old City of Jerusalem – Experience history, spirituality, and modern times at the Kotel (Western Wall) and Robinson’s Arch.Archaeology – Excavate caves dug at the time of the 2nd Temple and then head to the lab to draw models and catalogue ancient artifacts.

Celebrate Shabbat in the hills over looking Jerusalem and learn with entrepreneurs who are members of the Reform Movement in Israel.

 Get off the grid as you trek into the desert to learn about how Israeli pioneers and innovators turned a barren land into a thriving hub of farmland and renewable energy.

HIGHLIGHTS:Lotan - Get your hands dirty mixing compost, and building sustainable domes and arches out of mud bricksSnorkeling – Dive into the Red Sea and observe its colorful diversity of fish, coral, and seaweeds.Mitzpe Ramon – Stand along the top of this unique geological formation known as the Machtesh and hear the story of heroic astronaut Ilan Ramon.Sde Boker – Visit Ben Gurion’s home in the Negev as you watch his vision for scientific innovation in the desert come to life.SodaStream – Tate new flavors as you walk along the factory floor of one of the largest beverage companies in the world.

Spend your last Shabbat on a kibbutz in the desert, as we reflect on our connection to Israel and Jewish identity through the unique lens of science and technology that we have been experiencing.

 Explore Israel’s Silicon Wadi (valley) and meet with researchers and entrepreneurs whose work has given Israel the title of Start-Up Nation.

HIGHLIGHTS:Start-Up Nation Scavenger Hunt - Split up into teams and discover the city through the eyes of startup companies.Weizmann Institute - Hear from a PhD scientist who is developing 3D models of proteins and tour her labsSave a Child’s Heart – Play with kids who have flown to Israel for life saving heart surgery and learn from the doctors and team who work hard to make it happen.Independence Hall - Visit the place where it all began and learn about the drama that ensued before the declaration, which took place right here in Tel Aviv.

We are working with our partners in Israel to create an exciting and engaging experience for our teens. The itinerary above is subject to change and a final itinerary will be confirmed and sent to our families in the Spring. Our experienced partners on the ground in Israel are experts in both Jewish and Israel education, creating a meaningful and rich Jewish experience, where teens will arrive home with an increased sense of connection to and pride for the land and people of Israel and its story as a global innovator.