2022 Dates & Tuition

  • Registration for Summer 2022 will open in mid to late October 2021!
  • All grades indicated are the grades campers would be entering for the 2022 - 2023 school year (i.e. a current 4th grade would be considered a 5th grader at camp).
  • Applications for the Full-Summer Machon Teen Leadership Program will be opening in mid-November 2021 for Summer 2022. Machon is a full-summer Teen Leadership and Counselor-in-Training program for entering 12th graders. Entry is competitive and requires an application, interview, and letters of recommendation.

See below for 2022 Dates!

SESSION 1 Opening Day Closing Day Tuition
Kilobytes (Grades 5-6) June 28 July 10 Coming soon!
Megabytes (Grade 7)   June 28 July 10 Coming soon!
Gigabytes (Grades 8-9) June 28 July 10 Coming soon!
Terabytes (Grade 10) June 28 July 10 Coming soon!
Intersession A (Grades 5-10)** July 10 July 12 Coming soon!
SESSION 2 Opening Day Closing Day Tuition
Kilobytes (Grades 5-6) July 12 July 24 Coming soon!
Megabytes (Grade 7) July 12 July 24 Coming soon!
Gigabytes (Grades 8-9) July 12 July 24 Coming soon!
Terabytes (Grade 10) July 12 July 24 Coming soon!
Intersession B (Grades 5-10)** July 24 July 26 Coming soon!
SESSION 3  Opening Day Closing Day Tuition
Kilobytes (Grades 5-6) July 26 August 7 Coming soon!
Megabytes (Grade 7) July 26 August 7 Coming soon!
Gigabytes (Grades 8-9) July 26 August 7 Coming soon!
Terabytes (Grade 10) July 26 August 7 Coming soon!
Yottabytes (Grade 11) July 26 August 7 Coming soon!
Multi-Session Opening Day Closing Day Tuition
Two Sessions (Grades 5-10)* Coming Soon!
Full Summer (Grades 5-10)* June 28 August 7 Coming soon!
Machon / CIT (Grade 12) June 27 July 24 (option to extend to 8/7) Coming soon!

*Includes intersession and multisession discount

Teen Programs

Program Description/Location Entering Grade(s)
Sci-Tech in Israel Three-week trip to Israel run by NFTY in Israel 11 or 12
Sci-Techkun Olam 3rd Session Teen Leadership Incubator Workshop 11
Machon Full-Summer Teen Leadership and CIT Program 12

Additional Information

Tuition Discounts

  • Sibling Discount: Each additional child from your family who registers for camp gets $100 off the cost of tuition.
  • Multi-Session Discount: Campers receive a discount for attending more than one session.
  • One Happy Camper Grant: Campers who have never attended a Jewish summer camp before may be eligible to receive up to $1000 off the cost of tuition from the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s One Happy Camper program. To be eligible, campers must be: registered for our camp and attend at least one full session; have never attended a non-profit Jewish overnight camp for 12 or more consecutive nights; and not currently attend a Jewish day school. Campers attending for 2 weeks may be eligible for the $700 grant while campers attending for more than 2 weeks may be eligible for the $1000 grant. For more information, please visit the One Happy Camper website and apply for the program to determine eligibility.
  • First Time Family (FTF) Voucher: Due to the generosity of our donors, families who will be attending 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy East in-person for the first time in 2021 will receive an additional $300 voucher to put towards their total tuition. After such a hard and isolating year, our camp supporters want to make it easier for new families to discover the magic of camp connections and summer friendships. The voucher would be given once per family, not per camper. This voucher is for new families, so campers with siblings who have attended Sci-Tech East previously are not eligible. There are a limited number of vouchers available, so register soon! Vouchers will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis as families enroll in the program.
  • Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) – First-time Scholarship for Girls: 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy received a generous grant from the Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) to provide scholarships for girls. Girls who attend in-person camp for the first time in Summer 2021 can receive a $200 scholarship off the total tuition for the summer. Applicants must first be registered for camp to be considered for the scholarship and must then fill out a short application to receive the scholarship. It is the goal of Women of Reform Judaism to engage more girls in Jewish life and WRJ believes that by supporting girls' attendance at Sci-Tech, girls will be empowered not only to love Judaism but to also pursue their interests in science and technology. For more information about how Sci-Tech supports women in STEM, check out our previous #SupportGirlsInSTEM campaign, in partnership with Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ).

Intersession Options

During the days in between each session, we have exciting programs planned for your camper. Our campers will play outside, hang out with their camp friends, and participate in some leisurely science or technology projects while hanging out at camp. After a busy two weeks, they will also have time to unwind, sleep a little late, and enjoy the camp environment. We believe strongly that the intersession time is very much an important part of the camp experience, and that each camper staying for two sessions or more be enrolled in intersession programming. For campers, two weeks is often just enough time to adjust to the camp environment, and remaining on camp with fellow campers and counselors continues to enhance their camp experience.

Since rising 11th graders only come during our 3rd session, they cannot sign up for an Intersession. Participants in the Full-Summer Machon Program for rising 12th graders are automatically enrolled in Intersession A and will be automatically enrolled in Intersession B if they choose to extend through to the end of 3rd session.

Families with campers staying multiple sessions have two options during intersession:

Option 1: This option is the one we highly recommend! In Option 1, your camper participates in all intersession activities, including sports, STEM projects, etc. Your camper will receive the same level of supervision that they receive throughout the session from our caring and warm counselors. If you choose this option you must register for the Intersession.

Option 2: You may pick up your child after the closing day camper pickup time at 12 PM ET. Please do not arrive earlier as we will be saying goodbye to our first and second session campers. At 12 PM ET, you will sign your camper out of camp for the entire intersession. Your camper will then spend Sunday and Monday with you. Please plan to return your camper to camp at 7 PM Monday evening. If you are not able to commit to this option, your child must be enrolled in the intersession. If you choose this option, do not need to register for intersession. If you do not choose Option 2, you do not need to register for Intersession.

*Please note that in 2021, Option 2 is not possible due to health standards as a result of COVID-19 safety protocols. All campers attending multiple sessions will need to enroll in the appropriate Intersession.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

We will remain nimble and responsive to ever-evolving local standards and protocols. If camp is unable or elects not to open camp due to government regulations or if camp chooses not to open at its own discretion, you will receive a full refund, including the deposit, without penalty. If camp is required to make a change to a camper session prior to summer, families will be notified in writing. Camp will provide an opportunity at that time for families to cancel their registration without penalty (including the return of any deposit).

Full refunds will be given without penalty (including deposit):

  • If Camp is unable or elects not to open because of government regulations, orders, or guidelines.
  • If Camp is required to cancel the session of a child with a pre-existing health condition.
  • If Camp is unable or chooses not to open at their own discretion.
  • For campers on a “Waiting List” (those not able to be placed in their desired session at camp) if at any time they choose to be removed from the list or are ultimately unable to be placed.

Refunds will not be made if Camper has attended any portion of the session at Camp. This covers all circumstances, including, but not limited to:

  • Camper’s homesickness
  • Camper’s refusal or inability to participate in the normal activities at Camp
  • Camper’s violation of any rules, regulations, or policies at Camp for which Camper has been provided notice, and as described in “Camper’s Participation and Camp Program Expectations” section of the terms and conditions.

Should a family decide to cancel on their own prior to the beginning of camp, all normal cancellation policies will apply.

The URJ Camps refund policy states that:

  • Cancellation before March 31, 2021 (by 90 days or more prior to the first session start date) – 100% of tuition is refundable except for the administrative deposit ($500).
  • Cancellation between March 31, 2021, and May 15, 2021 (90 days and 45 days prior to the first session start date) – 75% of tuition is refundable.
  • Cancellation after May 15, 2021 (by 45 days or less prior to the first session start date) – no refunds will be given unless stated below.
  • Camp reserves the right to refund any eligible refund in multiple installments as determined by Camp.

What about COVID-19-specific cancellations? We know that we’re still in the middle of the pandemic and that there may still be challenges related to COVID-19. Therefore, we are updating our current policies to reflect COVID-19-specific cancellations because we know this summer is unique, because we want to be fair, and because we are in this together. As always, the health and safety of our camp community is our top priority at all times, without compromise. And rekindling the love of camp and joyful Judaism is our shared goal and responsibility.

The existing URJ Camps Cancellation Policy states that if there is a cancellation within 45 days of the beginning of camp, no refund will be issued to the camper family. That would include both deposit and tuition. Because of the unusual circumstances, we are once again presented with this summer, we are amending that policy for circumstances specifically related to COVID-19. Click here to read more about our COVID-19-specific cancellation policies.

Payment Methods

What forms of payment do you accept? Deposits and electronic payments may be made by E-check (ACH), debit card, or credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover). A non-refundable 2.75% credit card processing fee will be added to all credit card transactions. To avoid credit card processing fees, families can choose to pay by E-check or debit card. E-Check will allow tuition to be deducted directly from either your checking or savings account.

Why is there a credit card processing fee? URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy East, as part of the Union for Reform Judaism, is a not-for-profit organization. We strive each summer season to provide excellence in Jewish STEM camp programming. The tuition at camp increases each year due to rising operating and rental costs, ongoing improvements to our science and technology equipment, and upgrades to our program. One of the highest costs we incur is credit card processing fees.

In order to continue developing our excellent programming and maintain our equipment, we are forced like many other not-for-profits, academic institutions, and government agencies to update our payment policy. Families that choose to pay by credit card will incur a non-refundable 2.75% credit card transaction surcharge.

We are committed to offering ways for our families to avoid this surcharge. Families can choose E-check at the time of check-out or pay with a debit card, neither of which incur credit card surcharges. E-Check will allow tuition to be deducted directly from either your checking or savings account. Both E-checks and debit cards can be used with our payment plan options.