Totally Epic Challenge Hunt!

Join us for Sci-Tech West's first ever Totally Epic Challenge Hunt!

Choose from the list of epic challenges and interpret it any way you want. Be creative because there is no single way to meet any of the challenges.  Snap a pic or video—if one or the other is required, it will be indicated in the challenge description. Use the T.E.C.H. Post Form to submit the evidence and indicate if you’ve earned extra points (by involving a friend, wearing Sci Tech swag, etc). Our number crunching robot elves will receive your form and assign you the points you earned. Watch your email for weekly updates on featured challenges, double point opportunities, newly added challenges and your score. Get ready for some summer camp fun for the weirdest summer ever!

Be safe and healthy! Use caution when cooking or using tools. Please observe social distancing when completing challenges outside of your home.  All challenges are designed with social distancing and recommended COVID-19 precautions in mind.

Photos and videos must clearly show the completed challenge. If you indicated any of the extra points were earned, the photo or video must show those inclusions.

All submissions must be camp appropriate. Any submissions containing profanity, sexually suggestive material or otherwise offensive content will not be awarded points. We reserve the right to determine the above.

Have fun and be creative!

Each challenge is worth the points indicated plus any bonus points earned (see submission form for bonus points). Our number crunching robot elves will determine if the points and bonus points have been earned.

100 Points:

T.E.C.H. 100 sticker and an invitation to a TECHers only pizza party at camp Summer ’21 held once each session.

250 Points:

T.E.C.H. 250 sticker and invitation to help lead a Big Bang at camp Summer ’21.

500+ Points:

T.E.C.H. 500 laser cut key chain and 1 ride to the pool for free time at camp Summer ’21.

Do you have to have attended 6 Points Sci Tech West to participate in T.E.C.H.?

No, anyone can register and participate. You do not need to have attended Sci Tech or know anything about our camp.  Some of the prizes are collected at camp but there are other prizes available for those who do not attend.

Which challenges are right for my age?

Any challenge is for any TECHer. The challenges are designed to be interpreted any way you like so each participant will bring their skills and abilities to it.

I need a grown up but they are not available to help me.

No problem! Some challenges are simple and are tagged “no adult needed.” Find those for now, and try the others when your grownup is ready. Any cooking challenge has NOT been tagged with “no adult needed” since rules vary by family.  If you can use the kitchen without a grown up, search the tags using “cooking” and “food.”

I am not a science person. Will there be challenges for me?

Use the tags and filters to find challenges that appeal to you. Search for art, physics or silly.  Search for challenges posed by Sci Tech staff or by our sister URJ camps. There is something for everyone!

I have an idea to meet a challenge, but I’m not sure if it’s what you meant.

There is no single way to meet a challenge. We want to see your creativity, innovation and your silliness.  Points are awarded liberally for interpreting the challenge in your own way.

How long will the T.E.C.H. take me?

As long as you want. This is not an online event that only happens at a certain time on a certain day. Whenever you have time, browse the challenges, pick one and have fun.  Do as many or as few challenges as you want.

When does the T.E.C.H. end?

Closing day is Fri, Aug 14.

T.E.C.H. will be offline for maintenance July 20-24 and will resume on July 27. TECHers can still submit completion forms during that week.

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