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Great Camps Have Great Staff

Explosive, exciting and transformative summers are created by our incredible staff. Each year we welcome staff from across the country and around the globe to have an impact on the lives of our campers and to create the magic of Sci-Tech. None of the magic would be possible without our instructors who work tirelessly to create our unique workshops that challenge our intellect and imagination. It wouldn’t be possible without our counselors who pay attention to the big moments and the little moments from cheering on a camper learning a new coding technique for the very first time to helping children find new friendships that will last a lifetime. The excitement and spirit of our staff is seen each morning in the production of Boker Big Bang where experimentation meets showmanship! Our Israeli staff turn our kids and teens on to tech in the Startup Nation, and inspire them to have a connection to Israel. There are tens of thousands of examples about how our staff inspire every single day.

I want to take a moment to thank one of our Assistant Directors, Barak Malkin, for his service to our community. Barak will be finishing up his time as the Assistant Director in the coming days and will be pursuing other opportunities in the Jewish community with college and youth. Barak has been a valued member of our community for 3 summers, starting as a member of the faculty, and then serving as the Program Director and Assistant Director. During his time here at camp Barak has contributed a great deal to our community, mentoring staff and ensuring a high level of programming at camp. As part of his role as Assistant Director, Barak also was responsible for our successful Accreditation by the American Camp Association this year. I know Julie, Rachel, and the rest of our community join me in wishing Barak great success on his next journey. You can find a note from Barak at the end of this email.

As we plan for this summer and the months ahead, we have many opportunities to be a part of the camp staff community. From instructors, to nurses, to counselors, to program team members, we are looking for great staff for Summer 2018. We are also interviewing for the year-round Assistant Director position. If you know someone who is interested in working in our community, please encourage them to view our open summer positions online or view the job description for our Assistant Director on the URJ website.  Anyone interested can always reach out to me at or call our office at 857-246-8677.

When I was speaking with the analysts who shared with me the results of our summer staff satisfaction survey, they said to me, “Greg, what is your secret sauce? Your staff love working here, and we have rarely seen results this high.” I always have a hunch that we are an amazing staff, and it was clear from the research that this was true!

Wishing you a wonderful new year!

Greg and the Sci-Tech Team


A note from Barak:

I have had an incredible time working at Sci-Tech. It gave me the opportunity to work with so many truly amazing people and do some really cool, out-of-the-box stuff that I had never done before. I will never forget my time at Sci-Tech and would love to still keep in touch! If you’d like to reach me, my personal email is Have a wonderful new year!

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