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Sci Tech Electronic Menorah Premiere

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We’re on the road this Hanukkah season! We’ll be bringing our electronic menorah to sing and dance along with – watch our video of it above!

From the front, this menorah looks like a standard electric menorah. When you turn the base around, it’s so much more. Campers can follow the circuitry as the menorah plays its song – the PCB’s on the left control each light on the top of the menorah, and the wiring on the right controls the music. The glowing red button is the on-off switch. If you look closely, you can see a volume control knob, a memory card slot for interchangeable music, and connections to the play and stop buttons on the front of the base. There are speaker ports on the top of the base on either side of the menorah center support.  It has a power port that plugs directly into the wall for easy maneuverability and transportation, too!

This is just one example of the fusion of science and Judaism that’s unique to Sci-Tech – performing the rituals of the holiday, enhanced by our love of technology and cool gadgets. We get to learn and explore while celebrating our Judaism and we’re so grateful for this everyday.

Author: rshapiro

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