Blog  TECHtalks: A Celebration of Discovery, Innovation, Curiosity and Connection

TECHtalks: A Celebration of Discovery, Innovation, Curiosity and Connection

TECHtalks: A Celebration of Discovery, Innovation, Curiosity and Connection

Written by Brett Lubarsky, Director of Communications and Machon

As the sun began to set on our second Shabbat of Session 1, we gathered together in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) to celebrate another amazing session with our first edition of TECHtalks for Summer 2017. On of the highlights of each session, TECHtalks give our campers the opportunity to present and celebrate their innovations and inventions from their workshops, and check out what their friends have learned and created.

Our opening to TECHtalks in the PAC included a presentation from the mishlachat, our delegation of Israeli counselors, and a presentation from each lead instructor about their workshop. After a delicious dinner, we resumed TECHtalks presentations in the hockey rink with science-fair style exhibits from each workshop. We concluded with a Session 1 slideshow, and a havdalah service where campers from each hall shared their thoughts on the session. As campers left the hockey rink, many were already talking about coming back to camp next summer! We’re counting the days…, but in the meantime, enjoy these videos and photos!

3D Animation

What goes into the creation of an animated bouncing ball? Throughout the session, campers learned the complex science and programming behind what may appear to be a simple concept. Creating a multitude of styles and environments, campers explored and implemented different approaches to animation and shared their work with their friends!


This session, BioZone campers saw patients, learned the procedures and protocols of taking proper histories, and performed physical exams – all working to find diagnoses for their patients. At TECHtalks, campers were able to share their new skills with their friends and staff members, as they accepted walk-in appointments and conducted complementary vital exams.

Digital Film Production

In the PAC, the Sci-Tech community was treated to the world premiers of the movies created in the Digital Film Production workshop on the big screen. Each film was created completely, from script to final edits, by campers. Roll film…

Earth and Sky

Campers turned astronomers erected Sci-Tech’s first planetarium this session, studied astronomical mapping, learned about the constellations and designed a fully-functioning planetarium that was introduced to the community at TECHtalks. This session, Earth and Sky was truly out of this world!



Over the course of first session, campers uncovered a mystery after finding the remains of an unknown person in the ground on campus. While learning useful skills of fingerprint examination, forensic archaeology, DNA and blood spatter analysis, trace evidence comparison and others, our novice forensic investigators were able to navigate the clues, solve a mystery and bring justice to the Sci-Tech community. At TECHtalks, they presented their evidence and engaged their friends in a live-action game to explore and share what they had learned.

Programming and Coding

Throughout the session, campers learned the basics of programming in Java. In the first half, they worked on practice problems to learn new concepts, and then incorporated their learning into new innovative programs which were shared with their peers. Coming soon to an app store near you…!


Video Game Design

Also: see how values are woven throughout the video game design process at Sci-Tech:

Saturday night was a special celebration of our kehilah kedoshah (holy community), and a fun and meaningful way to end an incredible first session of the summer. After celebrating all of the amamazing tagliyot (discoveries) and kesharim (connections) made this session, we honored our tenth grade campers for their leadership and contributions to our community. See what they had to say >>

And…of course…no TECHtalks is complete without a session recap in the form of a slideshow!

Author: Brett Lubarsky

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