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Sci-Tech @ Home: Music

Bringing The Music Of Sci-Tech Home

By Brett Lubarsky, Director of Communications and Machon

Music is a large component of the Sci-Tech DNA, as it is present throughout our fun and busy schedules at camp. From Boker Big Bang to the Chadar Ochel (dining hall) to t’filah (services) to shirah (song session) and everywhere in between, there is a soundtrack that connects us to the many highlights of the Sci-Tech experience.

After we leave camp, we notice a tangible void and often miss listening to this soundtrack. No worries – we’ve got you covered! This summer, we have begun to compile a shared Spotify playlist to help you listen to these songs throughout the year. Many of them are also available for purchase directly through the artists, or on services like iTunes or oySongs. Looking for other tunes? Check out the embedded Jewish Rock Radio player on the bottom right of our blog page.

Think we missed a song? Contact us and let us know so we can add it. Happy listening and remembering the fun times we had singing at camp!


Author: Brett Lubarsky

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