Blog  It’s a Pirate’s Life: Session 1 Maccabiah

It’s a Pirate’s Life: Session 1 Maccabiah

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As campers and staff wrapped-up a delicious Shabbat BBQ lunch, something seemed to have taken over the frequency on the audio system set-up on the main lawn. Unrecognizable music started playing, and it was soon clear that there were some unexpected guests walking toward us. Pirates! It turned out that Pirates Blackbeard, Sparrow and Bonny had been traveling through nearby Plum Island, where their boat crashed on a small island off the shore. Their treasure was stolen, and camp was challenged to complete a variety of activities throughout the day to retrieve the treasure. After an fun-filled day of community building and team challenges, we said goodbye to Shabbat with a beautiful Havdalah service. Shavua tov – here’s to a great upcoming week!

Author: Brett Lubarsky

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