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Staff Fun and Engagement Specialist & Counselor

The Staff Fun and Engagement Specialist & Counselor will:

  • Be the point staff member for creating and organizing Staff-ter hours programming – late night fun for staff, including but not limited to: Big Bang learning, onegs, movie nights, arts nights, professional development, resume editing, etc.
  • The ears of staff engagement and joy – gather feedback from staff and create engaging programming to further staff satisfaction, fun, and bonding
  • Work to create an environment where staff feel valued, included, capable, and creative

As a counselor, this person will:

  • Create, assist, and enthusiastically participate in other camp programming, including hall activities, Shabbat programming, and other bonding activities
  • Be a positive Jewish role model who enjoy being with, and providing guidance to, children
  • Partnering with other counselors to ensure full camper supervision during all scheduled activity blocks, meals, free time, rest hour, shower-time, night-time activities and after lights-out
  • Have a well-developed sense of responsibility with good judgment and common sense because they have a significant impact on each camper’s summer experience
  • Be directly responsible for all campers living in the dorms and have day-to-day involvement with each camper as an individual and with the entire group
  • Ensuring that all campers exercise good hygiene and health practices including but not limited to daily showers, healthy eating habits and hydration, visits to nurse for daily medication (when necessary) and wearing and using proper attire for prolonged, outdoor activities
  • See that every individual camper makes friends, becomes acclimated to life at camp, helps campers develop their passion for science and technology, and allows them to integrate into the total camp community
  • Live in the dorms on camper floors and supervise children at all hours of the day including regular nighttime on duty hours


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Author: rshapiro

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