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Robotics Instructor – West

The Robotics Instructor is a talented, enthusiastic individual who is passionate about robotics, programming, and working with children. The instructor will teach campers aged 9-16 with beginning to intermediate knowledge of robotics. The instructor should have at least a bachelor’s degree engineering, education, or a related field and must have experience teaching or working with children. The workshop will cover principles of robotics, gears, robot programming, and design. The instructor must have experience with educational robotics kits, and a deep understanding of robotics. Curriculum writing is a bonus. If you want to spend the summer working with inquisitive children in an exciting environment, this could be the experience you’re looking for!

The instructor will:

  • Teach three 2-week program blocks during the summer, adjusting teaching styles for various ability levels and ages of campers. This person is tasked with teaching campers the fundamentals of robotics – by the end of the two-week workshop, campers should have created a working robot that accomplishes a series of tasks envisioned by the instructor
  • Develop and edit the program curriculum, which will include project-based curriculum development prior to the summer. The robotics instructor will be expected to plan their lessons prior to the beginning of camp for approval by the Director and Assistant Director.  This will allow the team to work together to incorporate Jewish concepts into the lesson and allow for any necessary coaching and/or preparation the instructor needs to feel comfortable teaching these concepts.
  • Teach four blocks per instructional day: 1.5 hours in the morning with both upper camp (ages 13-16) and lower camp (ages 9-12) and 1 hour in the afternoon, again with both upper camp and lower camp.  Each set of blocks will be with the same set of campers who chose this workshop focus at the time of their enrollment
  • Be a positive role model who enjoys being with, and providing guidance to children
  • Understand the nature of camp life and have the ability to adjust plans accordingly and maintain a level of flexibility
  • See themselves as members of the greater camp community and participate in activities beyond science and technology teaching responsibilities
  • Help advise the assistant lead instructors to ensure camper goals and outcomes are being achieved
  • The Instructor Team is responsible for the planning and implementation of Sci-Fest, our end of session festival where campers get to present their projects to the entire camp community, with the assistance of the Program & Logistics Team.
  • The instructors are members of the leadership team, which includes being a role model and key decision maker on camp


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